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Fordlandia And The End Of The Vertically Integrated Company

14-Feb-2018 | James Marland

Ford was the high-water mark for vertically integrated companies, ones that tried to own the entire value chain from raw material to finished product. Modern value chains span multiple companies, but does your IT system reflect this?

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Digital Transformation Outside – And Inside – The Box

9-Feb-2018 | Emma Reeve

Contract packaging company Marvinpac increased production 600% to meet demand by replacing manual, time-consuming, and error-prone activities with digitized, automated, and accurate processes built on a reliable and scalable IT platform.

Four Ways To Discover Intelligent Insights In The Intelligent Enterprise

7-Feb-2018 | Priyanka Khaitan

To harness the enterprise value of data, we must challenge conventional wisdom and rethink the data paradigm in terms of search, discover, explore, and augment.

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