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Perception vs. Reality: The Circular Economy

21-Feb-2018 | Christopher Koch and Dan Wellers

An alternative to the traditional linear model of industrial consumption—make, use, dispose—emerged in 1972 in Kalundborg, a small industrial town on the coast of Zealand, in Denmark.

Fordlandia And The End Of The Vertically Integrated Company

14-Feb-2018 | James Marland

Ford was the high-water mark for vertically integrated companies, ones that tried to own the entire value chain from raw material to finished product. Modern value chains span multiple companies, but does your IT system reflect this?

Can Artificial Intelligence Drive More Ethical Retail?

13-Feb-2018 | Judith Magyar

Ethical retail is possible. It takes technology that enables transparency, purpose led role models like CVS Pharmacy, and a good mix of artificial intelligence and common sense.

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