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life sciences, healthcare, medical devices, sensors, personalized medicine

Meet the Digital You: How Emerging Technologies Are Changing Life Sciences

20-Feb-2018 | Jacqueline Prause

We now have the ability to leverage a variety of different types of devices and sensors that are giving us an opportunity to manage our health in the ways that were never really feasible previously.

Digital Economy, Mill and Mining, Metails, Paper, Innovations, Industries, SAP Leonardo

Metals Industry Braces For A Technological Disruption

8-Feb-2018 | Stefan Koch

Leading metals companies are quickly embracing digital technology to drive customer relationships, business process efficiency, product innovation, sustainability, and growth.

Digital Economy, Industries, IoT, Professional Services, SAP Leonardo, Innovations, Industries

Digital Transformation And Professional Services Firms: Effects, Shifts, And Key Strategic Recommendations

7-Feb-2018 | Eric van Rossum

Channels, business models, and revenue streams are being transformed by apps, cloud computing, machine learning, and on-demand digital services. Is the professional services industry on the right track?

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