Collaboration Using the Cloud

Jen Cohen Crompton

The cloud can foster effective collaboration for employee teams and bridge the gap between on and off-site workers. The cloud can even provide multiple touch points for employees to be sure they are effectively communicating internally and managing workflow.

Here are, arguably, some of the most useful capabilities for collaborating in the cloud.

Document Editing in Real-Time – Say goodbye to the good old track changes (and approving each and every one), and say hello to real-time collaborative editing. When using a cloud service, multiple people can view a document and contribute as changes are made in real-time. This type of sharing and editing can help others understand why edits are being made and allow instant feedback eliminating all the back and forth and searching for the most recent version.

Presentation Preparation – It used to be that everyone involved in the presentation had to huddle together in the conference room and allow one person to present as they went through tomorrow’s new business pitch. Now, by allowing the entire team to view a presentation remotely, all you need is a computer, internet connection and sound to “practice your pitch,” and allow for organized feedback.

Instant Responses – Chat and IM services take the place of an email or phone call when you need to quickly drop a note or ask a question. The bonus? Unlike phone calls and text messages, most services provide an archive of past chats so these quick conversations can be recorded and referenced. There is also the ability to hold the discussion with more than one person and keep an ongoing chain of responses within a separate window to maintain the conversation while completing other tasks.

Screensharing – Remember the time you had an issue with your computer and you had to take a screenshot and submit a “ticket” or email to explain the issue inside and out before arriving at a resolution? Well, screensharing allows others to see a screen and even take control to troubleshoot issues. This is particularly helpful when an off-site employee is experiencing IT issues while traveling or working from a remote location and needs an instant fix.

File Exchange – This means no more clogging up inboxes with 300MB presentations. The ability to upload a file to a drive and email someone that it is available eliminates overloading and slowed email servers.


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