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A Modern Outlook On ERP Brings New Opportunities To Professional Services

23-Apr-2018 | Catherine Lynch

Legacy ERP environments that manage financials and service delivery can't deliver the real-time visibility, responsiveness, and flexibility needed to innovate and meet clients' digital experience expectations.

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Purpose Matters When Building Your Long-Game Digital Strategy

23-Apr-2018 | Paul Kurchina

Maintaining a union of motivation and purpose with digital transformation enables your company to gain a return of sustainable growth across the spectrum of the business network, says EY's Jeff Stier in recent webcast.

How Can Life Sciences Leverage Augmented Reality?

18-Apr-2018 | Michelle Schooff

From expanding children's experience of science in the classroom to using technology to improve patient outcomes, augmented reality is already playing a key role in life sciences. Here's a quick overview of some of the areas it's impacting.

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