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Reimagining The Brand Experience In Three Steps

13-Apr-2018 | Johann Wrede

Sales and marketing executives are facing a fundamental misunderstanding of what "brand" and "brand experience" actually are. Here are three steps to overcome this challenge and effectively communicate your brand message.

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How Data Will Save Smaller Retailers From The ‘Amazon Apocalypse’

5-Mar-2018 | Mario Farag

As much as industry analysts and market watchers like to predict the “Amazon apocalypse,” smaller retailers that embrace data analytics in the cloud know better. They are the ones that more than just survive this new competitive era – they grow, expand, and maybe (just maybe) give Amazon a run for its money.

Social Selling Post-Training Momentum Strategies

7-Feb-2018 | Arif Johari

Your employees may be excited to participate in a social selling training and enablement program, but what happens when the classes are over?

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