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Fintech And Banking: A Lasting Relationship

23-Apr-2018 | Jennifer Horowitz

Mobile payments, machine learning, and robotic investing are among the latest win-win disruptive innovations that are reshaping transactions, lending practices, and customer experiences in the financial sector. And fintech startups are only adding fuel to the disruption by transforming how consumers manage their money.

Four Ways The Travel Industry Will See Future Growth

20-Apr-2018 | Himani Sharma

Airlines, hotels, and other travel brands have data about customers, but they are not working together to create a travel experience from start to finish. This will change, and the brands that embrace the change first will rise to the top in the future.

The New Retail Reality: Moving Beyond Sales

20-Apr-2018 | Angelica Valentine

The new retail reality requires that brands take calculated risks to differentiate and get ahead, as retail moves beyond sales and into customer experience.

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