It’s All About the Customer. No Really, It Is.

Jen Cohen Crompton

Customers have the power. Customers can buy, or not buy, and companies fight to be the place titlepending FBO IDwhere consumers spend their money. Today it’s a war of relevancy, timeliness, and the ability to create meaningful customer engagements. As companies adapt and change their strategies to reach the more tech-savvy, time-strapped customer, they must realize and admit to their challenges, then make changes to maintain their market share.

Home Shopping Network Europe (HSE24) is the leading European teleshopping company and focuses on real-time offerings and selling through a multi-channel approach. Basically, a customer can watch TV and call-in to order what they see on their screen. Or, a customer can order products using their computer accessing the website, or they can use a mobile device to shop, watch, and purchase through a few taps on the smartphone screen. Because of the multi-channel and timely nature of the company, it is essential that HSE24 knows what is happening in real-time, and how to instantly react to changing demands.

When HSE24 took a hard look at their business and identified their pressing challenges, they realized there was a laundry list of improvements they sought to make. The company aspired to reduce product returns, collect and use real-time data, and create meaningful customer engagements. With these changes, they saw an opportunity to optimize their marketing campaigns and become more effective in real-time.

They realized that technology was the answer.

While focusing on the customer, HSE24 has always placed value in building the relationships. Knowing that customers have the buying power and that creating a personalized and customized relationship could result in increased customer loyalty and retention, HSE24 wanted to deepen connections and establish a more powerful, first-class customer relationship with each customer.

By integrating their customer relationship management database (CRM) with other solutions such as predictive analytics and a more robust database capable of processing structured and unstructured data, they were able to create a 360-degree view of the customer. By gaining this type of insight and creating customer profiles, it became possible to customize marketing strategies and remain relevant and timely, and create real-time analytics-driven actions.

Through these improvements and maintaining a belief that it really is all about the customer and customer analytics, HSE24 was recently recognized as one of Germany’s Customer Champions 2013. The prize, awarded by the German Society for Quality and the Market Research Forum, certifies that HSE24 has an outstanding customer relationship management and high emotional customer loyalty.

Isn’t that the feather in their cap? Keep up the customer-centric focus, but that is where the war can be won.


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