Will New EU Standards Boost Cloud Take-Up?

A new strategy to be announced by the EU this week is expected to encourage greater use of cloud computing technology to provide a range of benefits to businesses throughout the continent.

The positives of cloud computing are clear, as a study of the market produced by the European Commission (EC) earlier this year found businesses stand to benefit from reduced costs in areas such as capital expenditure.

The EU noted this results in lower barriers to entry, provides the ability to bring new products to market more quickly and frees small and medium-sized enterprises to focus on innovation.

This week, the EC will set forth its plans for developing cloud technology, which it claims could boost the cumulative gross domestic product of the 27-nation bloc by almost €1 trillion (£795 billion), a well as creating 3.8 million jobs by 2020, according to a report seen by the Wall Street Journal.


One of the key aims of the new policy document will be to increase standardisation of the various cloud computing solutions currently in use around the continent. It noted that although suppliers have make efforts to improve this, a lack of industry-wide certification means “clouds may develop in a way that lacks interoperability, data portability and reversibility, all crucial for the avoidance of lock-in”.

This may therefore be highly useful to enterprises that are looking to improve the agility of their small business IT solutions by investing in cloud-based technology that enables them to rapidly scale their operations up. As the continent emerges from recession, this is likely to be a key advantage for companies seeking to expand their business.

Simplified regulations

The fragmented nature of the European cloud market also poses legal and regulatory difficulties, particularly for firms looking to do business across borders within the bloc. By developing consistent requirements for contracts and service level agreements, this could greatly reduce the level of complexity organisation have to deal with, which could help get them up and running with advanced cloud solutions faster.

It will seek to bring together expertise from across the industry to develop common procedures for procuring cloud solutions in a transparent way, which could benefit businesses of all sizes.

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