Marketing The Right Way: (C)loud And Clear!

skydivers in the cloudsHow do you think of marketing? As a cost center with dubious returns? A tactic to sell you things you don’t want? Or as a tool to increase your mindshare with your customer base? Hopefully the latter. Why? Because customers buy from people they trust – and because you’re on the front line, you’re in the best position to guide them and answer their questions.

This is especially the case with smaller and midsized companies looking to expand their cloud investments. They understand the value of the cloud, but many are hesitant about taking the plunge. They need someone they can trust to provide proof points and help them build a business case. That someone is you.

Marketing – especially online – doesn’t have to be expensive. Unless you don’t do any. That’s why a small investment in cloud marketing can bring excellent returns. With social media, if you’ve got something to say, you can do it quickly and easily and at a very reasonable cost. This brings to mind a great post by the CEO of an IT and cloud services firm that offers a few tips on writing content for social media. In short: understand your customers and why they buy from you. That’ll help you create content that will speak to them. It’s actually good advice for any kind of marketing activity.

You may think that everyone has become immune to hard-sell marketing and advertising messages. After all, we’re all exposed to companies wanting to part us from our money – at least when we’re not at work. So the key is to craft some great content that customers and prospects will want to read. Something that interests them and draws them in but without beating them over the head with your brand messaging.

So how do you start? You could check out the marketing kits developed specifically for companies like yours. They’re a great place to start your marketing campaign and include text you can use on social media to begin (or continue) a dialog with your customers and prospects. Get yourself “out there” and market your cloud offerings using tools like these.

What’s your take on marketing? Are you a committed multichannel marketer or do you prefer to do a little very targeted marketing from time to time? Are you using demand generation tools you can recommend?

We’d love to hear all about them. Comments and suggestions welcomed!