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12 Weeks to Davos: Why Sustainable Business Is Good Business

6-Nov-2015 | Will Ritzrau and Christine Müller | Sustainability

Our global economy is dependent on finite materials. Find out how you can ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns (Global Goal 12).

School of Horse-Eye Jacks following Longjaw Squirrelfish, underwater shot

14 Weeks To Davos: Even Landlocked People Affect Our Oceans

22-Oct-2015 | David Jonker | Sustainability

With oceans and inland water bodies covering 71% of earth, we can’t ignore what we are doing to harm them and the creatures who depend on them for survival.


Technology: A Sustainable Approach To The Fight Against Cancer

19-Oct-2015 | Werner Eberhardt and Will Ritzrau | Sustainability

Technology is advancing efforts to fight cancer – and not only improve people’s lives, but save them.

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