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How Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning Will Transform The Wholesale Industry

11-Jan-2018 | Karen Lynch

Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies are set to transform the way wholesale distributors do business. Here's how.

SAP Leonardo, Digital Economy, Agribusiness, Consumer Products, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Big Data, Digital Future

Three Ways Commodity Trading Benefits From IoT

10-Jan-2018 | Harald Schlueter

IoT improves productivity, provides growth opportunities, and optimizes transport of commodities. The key is creating an action plan that works with your goals.

SAP Leonardo, Connected fleets, Mill products, Mining, Internet of Things, Big Data, Digital Suply Network

Empowering Your Vehicles With the Internet of Things

4-Jan-2018 | Stefan Weisenberger

Mill products and mining companies can reduce driver risk and material loss by managing vehicle fleets with IoT technologies.

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