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School of Horse-Eye Jacks following Longjaw Squirrelfish, underwater shot

14 Weeks To Davos: Even Landlocked People Affect Our Oceans

22-Oct-2015 | David Jonker | Supply Chain

With oceans and inland water bodies covering 71% of earth, we can’t ignore what we are doing to harm them and the creatures who depend on them for survival.

The Future Of Supplier Collaboration: 9 Things CPOs Want Their Managers To Know Now

15-Oct-2015 | Sundar Kamak | Supply Chain

As a sourcing or procurement manager, you may think there’s nothing new about supplier collaboration. Your chief procurement officer most likely disagrees.

Supply Chain Fraud: How To Protect Your Business From The $3.7 Trillion Threat From Within

6-Oct-2015 | Shelly Dutton | Supply Chain

Supply chain fraud is insidious and can be difficult to detect, and it's on the increase. Here's how to safeguard your organization against it.

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