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Buenos Aires: A Digital City Where Urban Matters Really Matter

12-Oct-2015 | Rick Costanzo | Industries

Whether you get your first glimpse of Buenos Aires from above or crossing the Rio de la Plata, you know immediately you’re approaching a city of superlatives. Among the top 20 largest cities globall


A New Generation Of Innovators For Africa

12-Oct-2015 | Bill McDermott | Industries

The idea of helping the world run better and improving people’s lives is as much about what we do today as it is about how we empower tomorrow. In no place is this more true than across the African

Barcelona And Digital Transformation [VIDEO]

9-Oct-2015 | John Rethans | Industries

What can a modern enterprise learn from the transformation of a city? How to unlock the value behind legacy walls while building on core strengths. How to build for scale and to provide a great user e

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