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  • Serious doctor holding a tablet computer
    Precision Medicine Is About To Disrupt The Entire Healthcare System [VIDEO] by David Delaney
    Published on July 15, 2015
    Since President Barack Obama announced the Precision Medicine Initiative  in January, precision medicine has been much more widely discussed among the media, health professionals, and…
  • Managing Returns: 3 Tips To Boost The Bottom Line
    Managing Returns: 3 Tips To Boost The Bottom Line by Kai Goerlich
    Published on June 16, 2015
    Returns can cut deep into the margins of retailers, wholesalers, and consumer products (CP) companies. According to iForce estimates, they make up 25% in clothes and 12% in electronics (as a proportion of sales). The necessary move into the omnichannel seems to further increase returns, as consumers…

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Fixing Online Learning

Fixing Online Learning

Online learning is growing and adapting as our ideas about education change. But there’s no equivalent for shared experience.
Digital Innovation In Banking

Digital Innovation In Banking

Financial firms must embrace digital innovation to improve the customer experience if they want to remain competitive in today's increasingly mobile market.
Storing Renewable Energy With Tesla Motors Technology

Storing Renewable Energy With Tesla Motors Technology

Tesla Motors' Powerwall wall-mounted battery stores charges from solar panels or the grid during off-peak hours — and serves as backup power during outages.
customer at a bank branch

What Makes a Bank “Good” In Today’s World?

In the wake of disruption companies like Square and PayPal, banks must learn how to leverage technology to bring the customer closer in a meaningful way.