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08 Mar 2013, Tustin, California, USA --- Cashier and customer at grocery store checkout --- Image by © Erik Isakson/Blend Images/Corbis

Here’s What The New Circuit City Needs To Survive

9-Feb-2016 | Danielle Beurteaux | Industries

Some retailers are investing in sales associates again, recognizing that customers appreciate personal service and knowledgeable assistance from specialists.

World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day, February 4: #WeCanICan

4-Feb-2016 | Christine Donato | Industries

For those that lost the battle and for those we can save, we have the technology to provide precise and personalized treatments. Today, #WeCanICan.

Inspecting Pills During Manufacturing --- Image by © John Connell/Corbis

Drug Development: Addressing Contemporary Challenges

4-Feb-2016 | Petra Streng and Clemens Suter-Crazzolara | Industries

Drug development is not keeping up with investment, and bringing new medicines to market is getting more and more difficult. Here's how technology can help.

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