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Couple using tablet PC in new apartment --- Image by © Hiya Images/Corbis

Digital Connectivity: Reimagining Retail Business Models With Retail-As-A-Service

26-Apr-2016 | Tom Redd

Retailers are using digital connectivity to move away from a product-oriented world and toward an outcome-oriented one, based more on experiences than products.

Bundles of rebar --- Image by © Marshall Sokoloff/Corbis

Disintermediation Is Shaking Up Paper And Packaging

26-Apr-2016 | Alfred Becker

Paper and packaging companies find cutting out middlemen can be simpler and more profitable, and new digital business models are key to making that happen.

3D printout

Why UPS Believes 3D Printing Will Shake Up The Supply Chain

22-Apr-2016 | John Ward

As 3D printing goes mainstream, the technology is likely to revolutionize traditional manufacturing and redefine our notion of supply chain logistics.