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Rows of parked cars --- Image by © Scott Barrow/Corbis

How Big Data And IoT Are Transforming How We Buy And Drive Cars

24-May-2016 | Larry Stolle

As more companies embrace the full potential of Big Data/IoT, digital technology has already produced stunning results within the automotive sector.

Illuminated Light Bulbs --- Image by © David Buffington/Corbis

The Internet of Things: Turning $3 Lightbulbs Into A $60 Billion Opportunity

24-May-2016 | Shelly Dutton

Philips is setting the stage for the connected lightbulb market while helping cities and towns benefit from digital transformation.

Woman Online Shopping --- Image by © Dirk Rees/Corbis

Americans Are Too Afraid To Shop Online

24-May-2016 | Danielle Beurteaux

Americans are very concerned about online security and privacy, and that’s a problem for e-commerce.