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Provo, Utah, USA --- Jogger with a right below knee prosthetic running leg --- Image by © Mike Kemp/Rubberball/Corbis

Innovate Or Die! How To Keep Your Business One Step Ahead

19-Nov-2015 | Paul Clark | Big Data

How should your business gear itself up for product, service, and business model innovation? Here are 3 areas to focus on.


Big Data: Solving Business Problems One At A Time

18-Nov-2015 | Daniel Newman | Big Data

Rather than drowning in a sea of Big Data, let a targeted, one-at-a-time project approach be your life raft.


Why Geospatial Data Is Part Of Brisbane’s Smart City Strategy

12-Nov-2015 | John Ward | Big Data

The smart city of Brisbane, Australia shows how geospatial data can be used to improve and enhance municipal maintenance, public safety, and more.

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