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    In Risk Management, A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words by Thomas Frenehard
    Published on February 17, 2015
    To me, this adage fully applies to risk management where the complex situation and environment of a risk can more easily be grasped visually using dedicated graphical models like the bow tie representation. Indeed, I believe this…
  • CEOs Are In The Dark About How Their Firms Use Data
    CEOs Are In The Dark About How Their Firms Use Data by Tom Groenfeldt
    Published on February 12, 2015
    CEOs have a far rosier view of how well their companies use data than the people who actually do the work with it. A new study by the Economist Intelligence Unit on behalf of  Teradata found that 47 percent of CEOs think their staff have access to all the…

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Can Internal Control Be The Key To Longevity?

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Could Data Science Have Saved Greece?

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Unlocking Insights To Unleash Growth

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Data innovators: Live-event fan experience and marketing strategies are changing rapidly to take advantage of mobile, social, and digital technologies.