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Yvonne Fandert

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Yvonne Fandert is leading the HR Office for the MEE and EMEA region at SAP. She joined SAP in 2006 and held various local and regional HR Business Partner positions, as well as project director positions within HR. She did a Master in Business Administration at the University of Mannheim, Germany, and a Master of Human Resource Management and Coaching at the University of Sydney, Australia. Being a certified coach, Yvonne feels passionate about personal development, and is a firm believer of personal growth via constant learning and self-reflection.

Purpose-Led Organizations: Another Buzzword Or Something More?

12-Dec-2017 | Yvonne Fandert

Were jobs in the past meaningless before consultants, researchers, and practitioners identified purpose as a critical differentiator for companies to be successful in the digital age? Is becoming p

How Much Agility Is Really Needed?

18-Oct-2017 | Yvonne Fandert

Agility is, without question, the word of the decade for business leaders. It is used in many contexts, from processes, people, and enterprises, to change management projects. Used to describe how res

5 Business Reasons To Bring Love And Faith To Work

17-May-2017 | Yvonne Fandert

Years ago, while I was experiencing some shaky times, somebody said to me, “Love and faith are the forces that keep the world together.” Very strong words, with wide room for interpretation. Fo