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William Dudley is group director, mobile evangelist, and strategist of the Industry & LoB Products at SAP Digital Interconnect (formerly known as SAP Mobile Services). He has many years of experience building and managing telecommunications network infrastructures. He defines global strategy and solutions for SAP Digital Interconnect, a business unit of SAP, within the mobile ecosystem, focusing on solutions for messaging, mobile-enabled online security, next-generation networks (5G, LTE, IPX), and consumer engagement through mobile channels. As mobile evangelist, Mr. Dudley communicates through both internal and external publications, social media and is active in industry groups. You may follow him on Twitter at @wdudley2009. His primary blog site is https://blogs.sap.com/author/william.dudley/.

2018 Mobile Industry Predictions

12-Jan-2018 | William Dudley

In my 11th edition of mobile industry predictions, 2018 is already starting off with technological bombshells, thanks to the U.S. FCC repealing network neutrality regulations in 2017. However, this de

For SMS Messaging, Getting Routing Right Is Important

15-Dec-2017 | William Dudley

On December 3rd, 1992, engineer Neil Papworth sent the first SMS message: "Merry Christmas."  Since that time, SMS has risen, fallen, and has somewhat stabilized. While person-to-person (or P2P) SMS

Revisiting North American Person-to-Person Texting Trends

19-Oct-2017 | William Dudley

Over the past few years an interesting trend has been happening in the United States and Canada. Consumers continue to text each other (called person-to-person, or P2P) using SMS at rates not seen in

A2P SMS Remains Key To Multichannel Mobile Engagement

24-Aug-2017 | William Dudley

Recently I read a post titled The Days of 2FA SMS (and A2P) Are Numbered on a site called no jitter. The author basically states that A2P will grow for a few short years but will “eventually find

Overcoming Showroom Syndrome With Mobile

24-Jul-2012 | William Dudley

We, as a consumer society, are increasingly becoming “mail-order,” or more precisely, online patrons.  Online (and Mobile Friendly) mega-sites such as Amazon, Ebay, Overstock.com, and many more s