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VR Ferose

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V R Ferose is Senior Vice President and Head of Globalization Services at SAP. Based in Palo Alto, Ferose is responsible for the adoption of SAP products worldwide through the delivery of solutions targeted at individual local markets. By providing functional localization, translation, product compliance and product support across several countries, Ferose’s team enables SAP’s global footprint.

How AI Is Disrupting The Law

3-Apr-2018 | VR Ferose

It is difficult to read the news today without running across an article saying that AI will change everything. Is this also true of the legal profession? How will the practice of law and the provisio

The Future Of Global Businesses

8-Jan-2018 | VR Ferose

If your company has a global footprint, you know how complicated and time-consuming it is getting to track changing global regulations, tax laws, and compliance rules. In 2013, for example, the ave