Volker Hildebrand

Using Communities To Play By The New Rules Of Customer Engagement

17-Oct-2016 | Volker Hildebrand

Disruptor. It’s a digital-era buzzword that usually applies to companies leveraging new technology and introducing new business models that are leaving incumbents in the dust. But armed with the


How To Engage The Digital Customer In 2014

16-Jan-2014 | Volker Hildebrand

Good news first: The economic outlook for 2014 looks promising. One data point: The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) sees stronger growth ahead in advanced and emerging eco

Should You Be Afraid Of Amazon?

12-Aug-2013 | Volker Hildebrand

I’ve had many conversations with business leaders in the last 12 months where this topic came up, and let me tell you, many companies are afraid of how Amazon has changed and will continue to change