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Vivek Bapat is the Senior Vice President, Global Head of Marketing Strategy and Thought Leadership, at SAP. He leads SAP's Global Marketing Strategy, Messaging, Positioning and related Thought Leadership initiatives.

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4 Traits Set Digital Leaders Apart From 97% Of The Competition

11-Jul-2017 | Vivek Bapat

Like the classic parable of the blind man and the elephant, it seems everyone has a unique take on digital transformation. Some equate digital transformation with emerging technologies, placing their

The Seductive Illusion Of Choice

16-May-2017 | Vivek Bapat

“Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black.” – Henry Ford These famous words by Henry Ford in 1909 exemplified the industrial age, during which innovati

Lead With Your Ideas, Not Your Title

9-May-2016 | Vivek Bapat

In December, an article published in Nature described a new advanced alloy. Combining magnesium with ceramic silicon carbide nanoparticles, a team from UCLA created a new material that is lighter and

Are We Becoming Information-Rich, But Knowledge-Poor?

5-May-2016 | Vivek Bapat

The echo chamber is one of the more surprising evolutions of our connected age. It is defined as a virtual digital-social arena which enables anyone with to present and amplify their views with other

99 Mind-Blowing Ways The Digital Economy Is Changing The Future Of Business

9-Sep-2015 | Vivek Bapat

The digital economy is steadily revolutionizing every aspect of our lives. We all sense it – how we live, play, and work will never be the same again. In the past, enterprise software used to be abo

Want To Create Fundamental Breakthroughs? Take A Break.

12-Jun-2015 | Vivek Bapat

Innovation in the workplace. We hear and talk about it all the time. To stimulate creativity and innovation, many organizations invest significantly in creativity workshops, in hiring inspirational s

Can Software Help Solve The Global Education Crisis?

2-Apr-2015 | Vivek Bapat

An estimated 250 million children around the world cannot read or write, most of whom are in developing countries without regular access to schools or teachers. Traditional models of learning are no

Complexity Maze

The Unfolding Complexity Crisis And What You Can Do About It [INFOGRAPHIC]

7-Nov-2014 | Vivek Bapat

People, organizations, and devices are all digitally connecting to each other and the Internet in a way like we’ve never seen.  More data is being created than ever before, and at an exponential ra

The 7 Traits Of Intellectually Curious Leaders

21-Oct-2014 | Vivek Bapat

Throughout my career, I’ve had the good fortune of working for a few incredible leaders. Each of them had their unique strengths and attributes. Some were analytically brilliant; others amazing coac

3 Ways To Build Brand Equity In The Social Era

18-Sep-2014 | Vivek Bapat

by Vivek Bapat, Global Vice President, Portfolio & Strategic Marketing, SAP The fact that we are more attracted to bad news than good news is well-grounded in science. Our emotional connect