Venu Mallarapu

Clinical Platforms On The Cloud

14-Nov-2014 | Venu Mallarapu

It is amazing to see how fast things change, when right technology comes along, picks up the willfully reluctant “legacy” way of doing things and takes them on a ride of their life time. Not too l

doctor talks to cancer patient

Why Aren’t More Patients Participating In Clinical Trials? [INFOGRAPHIC]

30-Jan-2014 | Venu Mallarapu

In December, we published our first infographic. Our goal was to start a discussion around the question: “How often do patients receive placebos in cancer clinical trials?” After digging into the

Placebos In Cancer Clinical Research [INFOGRAPHIC]

6-Jan-2014 | Venu Mallarapu

Back in September, we spent some time looking into the overall use of infographics in the clinical research space for a blog post titled, “Using Infographics to Increase Understanding of Clinical Tr

Selecting A Cloud Computing Partner To Provide Hosted Drug Safety Solution

14-Feb-2013 | Venu Mallarapu

Over the last 3 years, I have come across several initiatives from life sciences companies to revisit their Drug Safety system strategy, in line with the trend of evaluating their options with other I

Leveraging Technology To Improve Patient Recruitment For Clinical Trials

6-Aug-2012 | Venu Mallarapu

I was asked to respond to a costumer inquiry recently to help them with providing a solution to improve their patient recruitment in clinical trials. Initially, I thought this must be a question to on

Mobility – HTML 5 vs. Native Apps

3-Jul-2012 | Venu Mallarapu

Building native applications for mobile devices is like building a ‘Client-Server’ application which was popularized in the 90′s and 00′s with the explosion of personal computers. While this t

Predictive Analytics : Capacity planning for fluctuating Safety Case Volumes

19-Jun-2012 | Venu Mallarapu

Wikipedia defines Predictive Analytics, as “Predictive analytics encompasses a variety of statistical techniques from modeling, machine learning, data mining and game theory that analyze curre

Patient Reported Outcomes and Mobile Solutions

23-May-2012 | Venu Mallarapu

As stated in some of my previous posts, I have been working in the Life Sciences industry for over 8 years now. That amounts to a little bit over half my career till date. It has been a good journey w

iPads, iPhones, Androids, Windows Mobile Phones, Life Sciences and Compliance

18-May-2012 | Venu Mallarapu

Apple has sold millions of iPads in the past 18 months. The adoption of the device in the market is phenomenal. This trend is reflected in Life Sciences & Healthcare industry as well. A mobile Hea

Does Clinical Data Qualify as “Big Data”?

14-May-2012 | Venu Mallarapu

I was at an Analyst conference last week where I met a couple of analysts (no pun intended ) focused on Life Sciences who felt that “Big Data” is a tough sell in Life Sciences, except for Genomic