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Tracy is a content marketer and social media consultant who works with small businesses and startups to increase their visibility. Although new to the digital marketing scene, Tracy has started off well by building a good reputation for herself, with posts featured on Steamfeed, Business 2 Community and elsewhere. Hit her up @TracyVides on Twitter.

Three Areas Where The Smartphone Industry Needs Universal Quality Standards

12-Oct-2017 | Tracy Vides

Over the past 30 years, mobile devices have become a huge part of our lives. A recent study found that the average user touches his or her phone more than 2,600 times every day! In an industry with s

3 Millennial Expectations Every E-Commerce Business Needs To Address

21-Apr-2017 | Tracy Vides

Ah, the millennials – the generation brought up with the Internet and the rest of the digital revolution! While there may be a good deal of stigma attached to this crowd, there’s no stopping the f

3 Quick-N-Easy Ways To Shrink Your Bounce Rate

22-Mar-2017 | Tracy Vides

In today’s overly competitive e-commerce landscape, your website plays a huge role in determining the life or death of your business. So you’ve been pulling out all the stops to boost search ra

3 Winsome Tools To Have In Your Marketing Arsenal

27-Jan-2016 | Tracy Vides

No, this isn’t your average digital marketing listicle listing three SaaS tools the author is partial to (or paid for). Instead, we’re going to be discussing three tools that all businesses need t

A 3-Pronged Approach To Plug Major E-Commerce Leaks: Web, Email, And Social Tactics

24-Sep-2015 | Tracy Vides

E-commerce sites suffer serious customer leakages in two places: on the first page/initial point of contact and at the point of purchase. Both of these these problems represent serious revenue leaks:

Turning Customer Knowledge Into Conversions

15-Jul-2015 | Tracy Vides

A minute is an eternity in the digital realm. A single minute sees 72 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every day. Instagrammers post 216,000 new photos every minute on the site. Google processes 20

bob dylan

4 Trends That Will Pave The Future Of Marketing

3-Jun-2015 | Tracy Vides

The times they are a changin’. As always, Mr. Dylan was pretty prescient about things. Just a few months ago, we were collectively going gaga about nearly every major technology company foraying

How To Thrive In An Evolving Content Marketing Landscape [VIDEO]

31-Mar-2015 | Tracy Vides

The evolution in content marketing has been absolutely relentless. If you want to thrive in the constantly shifting sands of content marketing, you must have a fail-safe, future-proofed plan in place.

cross-functional team

7 Subtle Tricks To Manage Cross-Functional Teams

29-Jan-2015 | Tracy Vides

As organizations grow larger and more complex by the day, the people running them become more shut off from one another, operating in exclusive silos. This pandemic of lumbering, slow moving behemoths

The Step-by-Step Guide To Becoming A Content Ninja

18-Aug-2014 | Tracy Vides

The ancient Japanese trained their Ninjas to be brave, efficient and highly stealthy warriors who always got the job done. As content marketers, our job requirements are not very different either. We