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Lots Of Talk Ahead To Develop International Standards For Financial And Fintech

17-Mar-2017 | Tom Groenfeldt

Two Geneva-based organizations have announced plans to talk about developing standards for financial services. Maybe it’s something about the air in Geneva, but both announcements involve a lot of t

How London Achieved, And Maintained, Its Leadership In International Finance

10-Feb-2017 | Tom Groenfeldt

As a guide to the issues facing the City of London during Brexit, who could be better than Tony Norfield, a university Marxist-turned-City-trader now sporting a Ph.D. in economics from the University

The Fed Moves Toward Faster Payments In Stages

3-Feb-2017 | Tom Groenfeldt

The Federal Reserve system plans to release proposals for real-time payment systems around mid-year, another step in a process of consultation and encouragement that began two years ago when the Fed p

Cyber Criminals Target Banks Because That’s Where The Money Is

6-Oct-2016 | Tom Groenfeldt

Willie Sutton said years ago when asked why he robbed banks: That’s where the money is. Some things haven’t changed. Cyber criminals will always be attracted to financial services because that

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Secure EMV Chip Cards Are Rolling Out With The Occasional Speed Bump

11-Aug-2016 | Tom Groenfeldt

Ten months after EMV chip cards were supposed to be the standard for card payments in the U.S., the systems are still facing problems with cards that don’t work on some readers and new readers that

Brexit Would Have Huge Impact On London Financial Firms, Says JWG Report

17-May-2016 | Tom Groenfeldt

If the UK leaves the EU, financial regulation will be thrown into turmoil, according to JWG, a London-based consultancy that focuses on financial regulation. “We will have an abrupt start to a deca

Bank Marketing: Dump Data Scientists—Try Marketing By Walking Around

11-Mar-2016 | Tom Groenfeldt

The 2016 Guide to Financial Marketing, published by the Digital Banking Report, doesn’t actually say banks should give up on marketing analytics, but in showing how bad they are at it, the report in

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To Prosper, Banks Need To Move From Products To Customer Financial Wellness

25-Feb-2016 | Tom Groenfeldt

Banks will have to rethink their approach to customers and move from being product-driven to focus on customers and service, said Pascal Bouvier, an experienced financial services professional who has

Cisco Protects Its Supply Chain — From Motherboards To Routers To IP

18-Feb-2016 | Tom Groenfeldt

Security in the supply chain of an information technology company like Cisco is very complex because it covers everything from intellectual property to physical boxes in transit. “You want untamp

Insurance, A Fintech Laggard, Hints At Change

28-Jan-2016 | Tom Groenfeldt

The year ahead will probably not be a year of big change for the insurance industry, although optimistic experts profess to see some carriers experimenting with fintech innovation. Still,  industry e