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China Leads On Mobile Wallets — Will Others Follow?

28-Apr-2017 | Tom Groenfeldt

Mobile wallets have taken off faster in China than in the U.S., concluded a recent Forrester Research study. It found that 76% of metro Chinese consumers use mobile wallets or are interested in doing

Bankers Undecided – Are Fintechs Friend Or Foe?

27-Apr-2017 | Tom Groenfeldt

Financial services firm are keeping a wary eye on fintech companies, PwC concluded in its Global FinTech Report for 2017. Nine in 10 financial firms expect to lose revenue to fintechs, with expected l

Bots Are Coming To Restaurants And Financial Services

26-Apr-2017 | Tom Groenfeldt

The bots are coming for financial services. This week Mastercard announced Masterpass-enabled bots on Facebook Messenger for The Cheesecake Factory, Subway, and FreshDirect. With the bots, consumers c

China And Hong Kong Doubled Fintech Investment In 2016, Passing U.S.

31-Mar-2017 | Tom Groenfeldt

In 2016, China surpassed the U.S. in financial technology (fintech) investment for the first time, according to Accenture’s analysis of data from CB Insights, the authoritative global venture-financ

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Survey: Mobile Payments Can Boost Growth And Profitability

24-Mar-2017 | Tom Groenfeldt

Companies that accept mobile payments are growing faster and more profitably than companies that don’t, according to a recent study done for NTT Data. The fastest-growing companies are also the m


Lots Of Talk Ahead To Develop International Standards For Financial And Fintech

17-Mar-2017 | Tom Groenfeldt

Two Geneva-based organizations have announced plans to talk about developing standards for financial services. Maybe it’s something about the air in Geneva, but both announcements involve a lot of t

How London Achieved, And Maintained, Its Leadership In International Finance

10-Feb-2017 | Tom Groenfeldt

As a guide to the issues facing the City of London during Brexit, who could be better than Tony Norfield, a university Marxist-turned-City-trader now sporting a Ph.D. in economics from the University

The Fed Moves Toward Faster Payments In Stages

3-Feb-2017 | Tom Groenfeldt

The Federal Reserve system plans to release proposals for real-time payment systems around mid-year, another step in a process of consultation and encouragement that began two years ago when the Fed p

Cyber Criminals Target Banks Because That’s Where The Money Is

6-Oct-2016 | Tom Groenfeldt

Willie Sutton said years ago when asked why he robbed banks: That’s where the money is. Some things haven’t changed. Cyber criminals will always be attracted to financial services because that

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Secure EMV Chip Cards Are Rolling Out With The Occasional Speed Bump

11-Aug-2016 | Tom Groenfeldt

Ten months after EMV chip cards were supposed to be the standard for card payments in the U.S., the systems are still facing problems with cards that don’t work on some readers and new readers that