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Why Financial Services Pros Are Using Private Messaging For Work

30-Oct-2015 | Tom Groenfeldt

It’s not just the former Secretary of State who used private messaging for work — financial services staff are also using private voice and text for business communications. Financial institution

Chicago Fed Task Force Sets Terms For New Payments Solution

15-Oct-2015 | Tom Groenfeldt

The Chicago Federal Reserve bank’s task force on improving the U.S. payments system yesterday released a checklist of criteria a new solution should meet. Ubiquity is important — it said that a ne

The Internet Gang Of Five Pulls Ahead Of Banks In Trust, Even Privacy

8-Oct-2015 | Tom Groenfeldt

Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, and PayPal — the "Gang of Five," in the words of Mary  Monahan, EVP at Javelin Strategy & Research, are more trusted than banks. Speaking at the Chicago Federal

Lessons From The UK’s Move To Faster Payments

7-Oct-2015 | Tom Groenfeldt

Although VocaLink built the faster payments network in the UK, the lessons it learned probably have been somewhat limited for the U.S., Jim Mortimer, head of international propositions for VocaLink, t

Fintech Startups And Accelerators Are Going Strong Globally

8-Sep-2015 | Tom Groenfeldt

Fintech labs, accelerators and hackathons are spreading around the world, from New York to London to Asia to Latin America. In New York, where it all started in 2010 with  the FinTech Innovation Lab

Digitize Or Die, TABB Tells Financial Services

1-Sep-2015 | Tom Groenfeldt

The financial services industry, especially capital markets, must become digital or it will lose to innovators, says a new report from TABB Group. “By our estimation (and with very few exceptions

Using Geo Data To Protect Vintage Cars From The Next Hurricane Sandy

28-Aug-2015 | Tom Groenfeldt

When Hurricane Sandy began moving north toward New Jersey and New York in October of 2012, some American Modern Insurance Group policyholders in the path of the storm began taking steps to protect the

Talking Sensibly To Mobile Banking Clients Who Check In Daily

10-Jul-2015 | Tom Groenfeldt

Bankers have learned that many of their mobile customers check their accounts 30 times a month, or so. Besides straining online banking technology, which has become accustomed to customers’ checking

Compliance Drives Bank Business Improvements, Sometimes

2-Jul-2015 | Tom Groenfeldt

Financial organizations are spending vast amounts to comply with new regulations, but they aren’t building on that investment to improve their business, according to a recent survey by the UK-based

Some Banks – Quietly – Use Big Data

23-Jun-2015 | Tom Groenfeldt

Banks have been slow to use the data they possess, but now a few are venturing into Big Data, although without much fanfare. Abhi Mehta, CEO of a Big Data specialist, said one problem is that most ba