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11 Feb 2015 --- Business owner having a meeting with an employee --- Image by © BUCK Studio/Corbis

Insurance, A Fintech Laggard, Hints At Change

28-Jan-2016 | Tom Groenfeldt

The year ahead will probably not be a year of big change for the insurance industry, although optimistic experts profess to see some carriers experimenting with fintech innovation. Still,  industry e

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How Fintechs And Banks Can Get Along – Go Modular

26-Jan-2016 | Tom Groenfeldt

For the last year or two a fairly lackluster debate has – hmm, raged isn’t the word, perhaps wafted – over the financial services industry: Will banks be displaced by fintech firms with bett

Couple meeting with a financial adviser

Novelty For Banks – Competing On Interest Rates, No Toaster Giveaways

19-Jan-2016 | Tom Groenfeldt

Over the last 10 or 15 years, large banks have adopted a strategy of bigger is better, said Basker Rangachari, chief transformation officer at Zafin. Now that is going to make it more difficult to com

Robots Are Accessing Banking Data Through GUIs Rather Than APIs

18-Jan-2016 | Tom Groenfeldt

Banks and other companies with complex IT systems are turning to robotics to share information without integrating platforms. Instead, they are tapping into data at the user interface level. Genpac

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Blockchain Poised To Be The Hot Tech For Moving Money In 2016

15-Jan-2016 | Tom Groenfeldt

Although interest in bitcoin may have subsided, interest in the underlying registration process — distributed ledger technology, or blockchains — has attracted the interest of global banks and ex

Young businesswoman holding digital tablet and looking away --- Image by © Corey Jenkins/Corbis

Touchscreen On The Fridge Door To Order Groceries, Watch Football

14-Jan-2016 | Tom Groenfeldt

Does the world need a refrigerator with a built-in computer? LG launched one in 2004, but with a selling price of $15,000 to $20,000 and a dial-up connection, it apparently didn’t really take off

Tablet shopping

Your Network Will Be Breached, So Get Resilient, Says Accenture

13-Jan-2016 | Tom Groenfeldt

Cyber attacks on financial services firms rose sharply — up 40 percent in 2014 for firms with more than 2,500 employees, according to a new report from Accenture on the importance of cyber resilienc

In A Cyber Attack, Dead ATMs Would Be The Least Of It

4-Jan-2016 | Tom Groenfeldt

In Lights Out: A Cyberattack, A Nation Unprepared, Surviving the Aftermath, Ted Koppel explores what would happen to the United States if an enemy attacked the electrical grid — what would life look


Silos Can Be Costly In Banks

31-Dec-2015 | Tom Groenfeldt

Information silos and poor risk management have cost global banks billions, writes Gillian Tett, U.S. managing editor and columnist at the Financial Times. In her recent book The Silo Effect, Tett sho

Atom Is First UK Mobile-Only Bank To Receive License

30-Dec-2015 | Tom Groenfeldt

The UK’s Atom bank may be the shape of banking to come – it’s the first bank in the UK to be authorized with only a mobile app – no branches, no online-presence, at least not to start. Its c