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Todd McElhatton

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As the CFO for SAP North America, Todd oversees the financial activities of the United States and Canada, including forecasting and planning, driving efficiencies, and leadership of the Commercial Finance team, to ensure the overall financial health of the region. Todd brings a 25-year career in finance management, leadership, and business growth with a number of high-profile names in the technology space to his role on the SAP North America executive team. As vice president and CFO of VMware’s Hybrid Cloud business, he led a global team overseeing all finance functions including long-range strategic planning, capital investments, business development and pricing. During his tenure at Oracle as vice president of business, sales and finance operations for Cloud Services, Todd was a key member of the team instrumental in improving the business unit’s profitability, and personally managed a broad array of finance functions that included forecasting and pricing strategy, while leading a global team. After serving in a series of regional and global operations and finance-based roles at Hewlett Packard, Todd assumed overall financial responsibilities as vice president of finance and CFO of Managed Services. He was also previously vice president of finance at WebMD, and started his career as a bank consultant. Todd holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, and an MBA from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Three Ways To Bridge The Finance Talent Gap

15-Feb-2018 | Todd McElhatton

Chances are, when I’m not at my day job or with my family, you can find me at my favorite Bay Area wine shop. Before you judge, let me clarify that I am part owner of this particular shop.

The Metamorphosis Of Finance: What My Journey Has Taught Me

7-Aug-2017 | Todd McElhatton

I was at a finance leadership roundtable recently, with other CFOs. As the evening wrapped up, it occurred to me that we hadn’t talked about finance at all. Instead, our focus was what each of us wa