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Todd Wilms previously held the role of Head of Social Business Strategy at SAP. He was responsible for leading SAP's social business strategy across the company.

Off The Streets And Into The Boardroom: Encouraging Urban Millenial Entrepreneurs

25-Jul-2014 | Todd Wilms

A prior generation might call them “cocky.”  Millenials have a confidence that not only can they be their own boss, many feel they have to strike out on their own. But what is driving this

young woman wearing headphones in a car

Lifestyle Subscriptions: The New Trend In The Cloud

16-Jun-2014 | Todd Wilms

Co-written with Brent Leary Did the headphones with Apple’s acquisition of Beats Electronics and Beats Music distract you? While there are obvious benefits in helping Apple expand its “cooln

The Connected Economy: Moving Philanthropy From Begging To Self-Sustaining

20-May-2014 | Todd Wilms

Becoming a more connected society doesn’t just mean “more communications,” but means that we all support and gain from each other.  Organizations like the Pew Research Center and Boston Consult

How Even Smart People Fail The Exit Interview

6-May-2014 | Todd Wilms

Eventually, we all find ourselves facing our HR rep – a table between us – while they press pen to paper to ask us their questions for the company exit interview.  The circumstances may vary, fro

Your Next CMO Could Come From These 5 Hot, But Unexpected Areas

3-Apr-2014 | Todd Wilms

Your current CMO has probably come from a traditional marketing background, with a resume that includes leadership in brand, advertising, creative, and operations.  They may be firmly aligned to a l

The Science Behind The Complete Randomness Of Your Success

18-Mar-2014 | Todd Wilms

We have all grown up to believe the Emerson quote “Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door.”  If we are intrinsically better at something, we will find success in tha

Samsung And Oreo Proved That The Social Conversation Is Like Good Jazz

10-Mar-2014 | Todd Wilms

The selfie heard ’round the world!  The inspired Super Bowl blackout tweet! For organizations looking to capture social media lightning in a bottle, the brands that do this really well know that yo

Disruption In Publishing: Little Business Books, Big Ideas

5-Mar-2014 | Todd Wilms

The real disruption for publishing is not the onslaught of self-published works in the marketplace; the real change is the consumers demand for short, more direct publications.  Our attentions spans

The 13 Defining Moments Of Business Leadership [VIDEO]

28-Feb-2014 | Todd Wilms

As we shed the more jejune terms like management from our vocabulary, the idea of true leadership in our organizations begins to take hold.  We no longer think of how to supervise, but how to make th

Future technology touchscreen interface an example of disruption

Is Disruption So Common We Don’t See It Any More?

13-Jan-2014 | Todd Wilms

A few years ago, the term disruption was itself disruptive. Analysts used this term to showcase the big macro changes in the marketplace; Organizations started using this term to showcase how their pr