Tien Anh Nguyen

The 7 Types Of Sales And Marketing Waste

15-Nov-2013 | Tien Anh Nguyen

Sales and marketing dollars are a terrible thing to waste. The concept of “muda” — a Japanese term meaning “waste” — is central to Lean Manufacturing principles, and has its roots in th

Do You Know Enough About Your Buyers?

18-Oct-2013 | Tien Anh Nguyen

By this point, it’s not exactly groundbreaking to emphasize how important it is for sales and marketing teams to develop a clear understanding of the different buyer roles involved with purchasing t

Ace Your Internship by Setting the Right Goals

1-Oct-2013 | Tien Anh Nguyen

With a new school year underway, OpenView Labs said fond farewells to our crop of summer interns. Our team had a great team of interns this summer, and some interns did so well that we asked them to c

4 Things to Learn About Your Competition

26-Sep-2013 | Tien Anh Nguyen

If you are looking to enter a new market or to redefine your positioning in an existing market, a thorough analysis of your competitors’ performance and financial health is essential. From a tact

Entrepreneurial Inspiration Courtesy of Ozzy Osbourne

19-Sep-2013 | Tien Anh Nguyen

Despite his fame and long-term success, Ozzy Osbourne is hardly a candidate for a role model of any kind. Nevertheless, if you are a fan of his music like I am, you can still admire his body of work,

Appreciating Hard Work: 4 Entrepreneurship Lessons from Trek Bicycle’s CEO

13-Sep-2013 | Tien Anh Nguyen

I really enjoyed reading a recent blog post featured in the “Boss” section of New York Times by John Burke, CEO and President of Trek Bicycle. Trek Bicycle has been a veritable success story over

Traditional News Media: Alive or Dead?

28-Aug-2013 | Tien Anh Nguyen

In the last 30 days alone, we have witnessed the purchases of two major newspapers with storied pasts: John Henry, the principal owner of Red Sox and Liverpool FC, bought the Boston Globe from the New

market segmentation analysis

The Hardest Part of Market Segmentation: Hypothesis Development

20-Aug-2013 | Tien Anh Nguyen

In the market research toolkit offered to OpenView’s portfolio of expansion-stage companies, our research and analytics team is often asked to segment the company’s market and recommend the most s

5 Quick Ways To Evaluate Your Market Size

27-Jun-2013 | Tien Anh Nguyen

Back-of-the-envelope methods VCs use to measure market size of startups. If you are in the consulting business or into technology startups, you are probably very familiar with the concept of sizing

Expansion-Stage CEOs: Have You Found Your Second-In-Command?

25-Jun-2013 | Tien Anh Nguyen

Successful fast growth companies have a secret sauce: A problem solving, operationally focused second-in-command. I am not going to beat around the bush: Being an expansion-stage CEO is incredibly ha