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Thomas Pohl is a Senior Director Marketing at SAP. He helps global high tech and aerospace companies to simplify their business by taking innovative software solutions to market.

Why Do High-Tech Companies Need A Digital Core?

27-Sep-2017 | Thomas Pohl

Believe it or not, even technology companies face challenges in a modern digital environment. Due to the competitive nature of the technology industry, change is a constant part of the business. Compa

How to Take Advantage Of 3D Printing Service Parts In Aerospace

20-Sep-2017 | Thomas Pohl

The time of 3D printing being a hobbyist's plaything is in the past. Not only has additive manufacturing come into its own, but it is rapidly gaining ground as a more sustainable technology than centr

Is High-Tech Driving Digital Disruption, Or Being Driven By It?

15-Sep-2017 | Thomas Pohl

All around us, transformative technologies are enabling us to navigate unfamiliar territory, eliminate mundane tasks, gain unprecedented insights into our businesses, monitor our health, learn new ski

Simplifying The User Experience For High-Tech Companies

7-Sep-2017 | Thomas Pohl

Cloud computing. The Internet of Things. Everything-as-a-service (XaaS). Artificial intelligence (AI). The ongoing wave of technological advancements is changing every aspect of how we live and d

How Blockchain Technology Can Help IT Become The New Hero For Aerospace Business

26-Apr-2017 | Thomas Pohl

IT professionals can become the new heroes in aerospace and defense (A&D) companies by using transformative new technologies productively and imaginatively. With so many new and pervasive tech

Tracking Santa’s Sleigh In 4D [VIDEO]

3-Dec-2015 | Thomas Pohl

After spending the last 11 months preparing up in the North Pole, Santa and his reindeer are finally getting ready for their annual journey around the world. Ahead of his arrival later this month, a

Manufacturing: Time To Go Digital [VIDEO]

3-Nov-2015 | Thomas Pohl

According to Boeing, a total of 38,050 new passenger aircraft and freighters will be delivered during the next 20 years. This growing demand for new planes leads directly to the continuing drive to re

How Big Data Keeps Planes In The Air

26-Feb-2015 | Thomas Pohl

Big data in the aviation industry means a lot of data. According to the U.S. National Air Traffic Controllers Association, a total of 87,000 flights are in the skies in the United States on any giv

The Need for Simplification: 6 Steps For Remaining Competitive In Aerospace and Defense

24-Feb-2015 | Thomas Pohl

The challenges in aerospace and defense (A&D) firms are everywhere, from budget cuts for defence contractors to massive production backlogs for commercial aircraft manufacturers. Behind each

What’s Your Internet of Things Strategy In Aerospace And Defense?

17-Dec-2014 | Thomas Pohl

In the aerospace and defense (A&D) industry, split-second decisions can mean the difference between success and failure. Unlike some industry sectors that are early in The Internet of Things (IoT)