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Thomas Leisen

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Thomas Leisen is a millennial and master student working in HR at SAP. In his role, he creates insights into the heart-beat of the organization through employee surveys and assessments. In one of his internal research projects, he analyzed the communication effectiveness of millennials versus other generations with regards to modern communication channels. He is an expert in data-driven insights, business and communication psychology, and generation research (especially millennials). Leisen is also supporting purpose-driven marketing at SAP.

Super Bowl Commercials And Purpose-Driven Business

3-Feb-2017 | Thomas Leisen

Every year, millions of people look forward to the final match of the National Football League (NFL) in the United States. Most of the 100-plus million viewers want to watch the world’s best footba

Let’s Get Scientific – Why Purpose-Driven Business Works

16-Nov-2016 | Thomas Leisen

Why are Stephen Hawking, Bill Nye the Science Guy, and other such legendary figures so popular? One simple reason: They are able to explain complex concepts in simple words that help people underst

Do Millennials Really Care About Brand Purpose?

2-Aug-2016 | Thomas Leisen

There is a lot of hype around millennials these days, and as a member of this generation, I find it bothersome. If it bothers me, I wonder how other generations feel about it. Sure, we may be diffe