Thomas Wailgum

Panorama’s 2013 ERP Report: The Good, Bad And Ugly

27-Feb-2013 | Thomas Wailgum

To ERP, or not to ERP…that is the question that confronts many growing businesses that are weighing a substantial investment (shall we say an “outrageous fortune”) in new or to-be-upgraded enter

Avis’s Zipcar Acquisition Reflects Enterprise Software Changes

14-Jan-2013 | Thomas Wailgum

When the Avis Budget Group announced that it was buying car-sharing service Zipcar, it got at least one enterprise software analyst thinking about the analogous situation occurring at on-premise softw

How to Avoid Cloud Vendor Lock-In

3-Dec-2012 | Thomas Wailgum

A new research report on cloud-software buying trends is chock-full of warnings for those companies who blindly ignore the “massive potential” for vendor lock-in in the cloud. “Despite a perc

The New New, Totally Next-Gen CIO Role

30-Nov-2012 | Thomas Wailgum

You can’t swing a dead cat around these days and not hit someone or some consultancy trying to redefine the CIO role or predict the “next generation” skillsets that tomorrow’s IT leaders will

HP’s Cautionary Tale Of ‘Bold’ IT Vendor Acquisitions

23-Nov-2012 | Thomas Wailgum

It was a “bold action.” That’s how HP CEO Leo Apotheker put it, when he announced HP’s $11 billion acquisition of EIM vendor Autonomy in August 2011. Stated Apotheker: “We believe this bold

Analytics And The Social Enterprise: Believe In It, Or Not

28-Sep-2012 | Thomas Wailgum

“Rethinking Analytics for the Social Enterprise,” a new research report written by author and business innovation expert, Don Tapscott, and his colleague, Mike Dover, sounds like it was written fo

Project Management Success: A Skilled Executive Sponsor Needed

18-Jul-2012 | Thomas Wailgum

What’s one of the keys to ensuring the success of business-technology projects, like SAP implementations? An executive sponsor with the right skills and pre-defined responsibilities, according to re

iPads, Email and Business Apps: Enjoy Your Summer Work-cations!

11-Jul-2012 | Thomas Wailgum

The results of a new survey on how Americans work and the impact of mobile technologies probably won’t surprise you: All those smartphones, tablets and cloud apps are enabling U.S. workers to work m

Data And Information Governance At Johnson & Johnson

25-Jun-2012 | Thomas Wailgum

Each and every one of Johnson & Johnson’s U.S. consumer products possesses nearly 400 data attributes. These range from packaging dimensions and weights to storage requirements and selling price

The Benefits of BI Standardization – Benchmarking Insight

1-Jun-2012 | Thomas Wailgum

The rise of best-of-breed software-buying strategies has been the proverbial “blessing and a curse” for companies. On one hand, they’ve been able to buy one-off packages that fulfill very specif