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Practical Ways To Improve Candidates’ Recruitment Experience

3-Apr-2015 | The Talent Project Blog

We know that branding, information, simple/easy-to-use systems and welcoming people are key elements of an effective recruitment experience. However, how can you apply this knowledge to your organizat

Is It Worth Outsourcing In Highly Regulated Environments?

1-Apr-2015 | The Talent Project Blog

Does the thought of outsourcing make the leadership team at your organization nervous? In rigorously-regulated industries, it’s understandable why businesses are often reluctant to hand control of

5 Factors Of An Effective Candidate Recruitment Experience

27-Mar-2015 | The Talent Project Blog

Forty years ago, recruiters could expect to control the hiring process, advertising jobs in newspaper classifieds and knowing that, for the most part, their company image was irrelevant to the public.

Free Agents: An Integral Part Of The Talent Supply Chain

19-Mar-2015 | The Talent Project Blog

In a meeting with a client the other day, he referred to his company’s contingent employees as “strategic,” and I couldn’t help smiling to myself. It’s so refreshing to hear clients talk th

Why Collaboration Attracts Top Talent In Life Sciences

27-Feb-2015 | The Talent Project Blog

While we might protest otherwise, we all go to work for more than the money. Despite its inevitable challenges and frustrations, work is a place for people to enjoy camaraderie, a collegial atmosphere

Financial Services: How To ‘Catch And Keep’ Talent

23-Feb-2015 | The Talent Project Blog

Financial services sector job opportunities are set to grow significantly between now and 2020, which places more pressure on employers to have the best possible talent and retention strategies. The t

Why Internship Programs Must Change

19-Feb-2015 | The Talent Project Blog

It’s accepted that, done well, internships benefit students, employers and colleges. So why are internships on the decline in the US? In 2014, employers in two-thirds of the industries surveyed by

Why It’s Important To Segment, Not Silo, Your Talent Community

28-Jan-2015 | The Talent Project Blog

Every company relies on its people to drive it forward. That’s why managing human capital has become an integral aspect of business strategy. However, in a labor market where competition for top tal


How Far Will Employees Relocate For The Right Job?

22-Jan-2015 | The Talent Project Blog

The saying, ‘location, location, location,’ doesn’t just apply to real estate. A workplace’s location can help sell a job to prospective talent, along with a company’s size and track record

a new employee is hired

RPO And The Structural Challenge Facing Talent Acquisition

19-Dec-2014 | The Talent Project Blog

Many companies lack the capacity to quickly ensure their human resources expenditure responds quickly to their businesses’ ebb and flow. Sound familiar? Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is a r