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Terry Moffatt is Executive Editor for Content and Media Production at SAP.

Financial Market Risk Management: Is No Bank Really Too Big to Fail?

7-Jan-2014 | Terry Moffatt

In the half decade since the nearly disastrous global financial collapse of 2008, not much has been done to address the risk management issue of some banks being “too big to fail.” For the most pa

Logistics Packing Units: What’s In The Box Makes A Difference

3-Jan-2014 | Terry Moffatt

At the drug store where I worked as a teenager, few tasks were dreaded as much as re-stocking shelves with merchandise shipped in logistics packing units – or what we called re-packs. These large pl

Retailers See Mobile and Social Media as Customer Satisfaction Boosters

5-Sep-2013 | Terry Moffatt

According to a recent article in The New York Times, a number of major retailers are using surveillance cameras and smartphone signals to learn information about who their customers are and how they s

Big Data And In-Memory Computing: Driving Corporate Performance

17-Apr-2013 | Terry Moffatt

Without Big Data Are You Missing The Sale? According to the register/computer in the chain store’s outlet on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, the almost out-of-stock dress that my wife said was the p

It’s Big Data, Stupid. What REALLY Made The Difference On Election Day

14-Nov-2012 | Terry Moffatt

Okay, who said the key to success is understanding where the technology is? Filmmaker, James Cameron? 2012 Nobel prize winner in chemistry, Brian K. Kobilka? President Obama's Campaign Advisor