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Timo Elliott is the VP of Global Innovation Evangelist at SAP. Over the last 25 years, I've presented to Business and IT audiences in over 50 different countries around the world, on themes such as Digital Transformation, Big Data and Analytics, the Internet of Things, the future of Digital Marketing, and the challenges of technology culture change in organizations.


BI Is Dead

7-Apr-2016 | Timo Elliott

In 1989, Howard Dresner — later a Gartner Group analyst — proposed “business intelligence” as an umbrella term to describe “concepts and methods to improve business decision-making by using

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Back To The Future Of Real-Time Applications

20-Jan-2016 | Timo Elliott

For the last few decades, operations and analytics have been firmly separated in enterprise architectures, with different systems for the different needs, even as the rise of Big Data and Data Lakes h

Digital Transformation: Embracing Change

13-Jan-2016 | Timo Elliott

What’s the hardest thing to manage about digital transformation? It’s not the technology, it’s the people. Leaders systematically underestimate the time, resources, and effort required to cha

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Move Over CIO, The CDO is Coming…

15-Dec-2015 | Timo Elliott

You have to feel sorry for Chief Information Officers. Just as they finally prove their worth to the business, a new job title turns up in the boardroom and tries to take credit for all things digital

What Is Digital Transformation, Really?

10-Dec-2015 | Timo Elliott

What is digital transformation, really? At its core, digital transformation isn’t about Internet “unicorns.” It’s about using the latest technology to do what you already do – but better


Who’s Afraid Of Cloud Analytics?

30-Oct-2015 | Timo Elliott

I have been talking to organizations about cloud BI and analytics since BusinessObjects first launched “Crystal Reports On-Demand” in 2006, winning praise from well-known cloud advocates: “With

Surviving Digital Transformation? Here’s How To Thrive In It

17-Aug-2015 | Timo Elliott

Many technologists and historians speculate that the next 20 to 40 years could represent the most transformative time in human history. Although time will tell whether this is truly the case, business

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Are You A Digitalist? Here’s Your Magazine

31-Jul-2015 | Timo Elliott

The power and importance of digital transformation is clear. “Digitalists” are the people with the leadership responsibility to guide organizations through this change — and Digitalist Magazi


Three Keys To Winning In A World of Disruption

29-Jul-2015 | Timo Elliott

More CEOs are realizing that outsiders who offer a completely different approach to their business aren’t the only – or even the biggest – threat. These outsiders may be changing the game by dis

Answers To 5 Big Data Trend Questions

23-Jul-2015 | Timo Elliott

I was recently asked some questions by a journalist for Ziff Davis Media for an article on big data trends. Here are my answers: What are the four biggest trends in big data use this year? The ri