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Timo Elliott is an Innovation Evangelist for SAP and a passionate advocate of innovation, digital business, analytics, and artificial intelligence. He was the eighth employee of BusinessObjects and for the last 25 years he has worked closely with SAP customers around the world on new technology directions and their impact on real-world organizations. His articles have appeared in publications such as Harvard Business Review, Forbes, ZDNet, The Guardian, and Digitalist Magazine. He has worked in the UK, Hong Kong, New Zealand, and Silicon Valley, and currently lives in Paris, France. He has a degree in Econometrics and a patent in mobile analytics. 

Why Analytics Will Be At Least 4 Times More Important In 2018

8-Jan-2018 | Timo Elliott

At the recent Gartner Data and Analytics event in Frankfurt, analyst Rita Sallam predicted, “Analytics will have an even bigger impact on society in the next twenty years than the Internet did in

Digital Leadership: A Six-Step Framework For Transformation

11-Oct-2017 | Timo Elliott

Part 2 in the 3-part Digital Leadership Series Leaders in digital transformation are in the minority today, according to a recent SAP Digital Transformation Executive Study conducted with Oxford E

Digital Leadership: Are CIOs Up To The Challenge?

4-Oct-2017 | Timo Elliott

Part 1 in the 3-part Digital Leadership Series Digital business transformation has shifted from “nice to have” to “must have.” According to a recent SAP Digital Transformation Executive Stu

From Understanding Big Data To Monetizing It

28-Sep-2017 | Timo Elliott

There have been a lot of articles about the definition of the term “Big Data,” but the most common involves the 3 Vs, originally coined by analyst Doug Laney — Volume, Velocity, and Variety.

Study: Digital Transformation Is About How, Not What

13-Jul-2017 | Timo Elliott

A new Digital Transformation study from SAP, supported by Oxford Economics, was released today at the SAP Leonardo Live event in Frankfurt. The survey of more than 3,000 executives in 17 regions arou

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Digital Disruption Is About Customer Centricity

4-Jul-2017 | Timo Elliott

The quote in the image above is from Alberto Brea, and I believe the photo is from Roberto Aiello, via Linda Campbell and Lyndsay Wise. Here’s the text if you can’t read it: Amazon didn’t

AI, artificial intelligence, machine learning

What Is Artificial Intelligence Called?!

29-Jun-2017 | Timo Elliott

I know it’s a strange question. But as with any hot topic, there are many different terms thrown around that can mean slightly different things and lead to confusion. Here is my attempt to cle

In The Future, All Products Will Automatically Improve As People Use Them

27-Jun-2017 | Timo Elliott

This is the Tesla autopilot in action – and it’s a great analogy for the future of digital business. As every Tesla car equipped with autopilot drives down the street, it’s using sensors

Disruption Ahead: The Big Trends In Business Intelligence Analytics

24-May-2017 | Timo Elliott

I had the honor of presenting an Americas SAP User Group (ASUG) session on the latest big trends in BI & Analytics at the SAPPHIRE NOW SAP User Conference this week in Orlando, Florida. It was a p

Analytics: The Most Important Business Process in Your Organization

30-Mar-2017 | Timo Elliott

It’s time to take analytics seriously! That might sound strange – after all, analytics has been at the top of Gartner’s CIO technology priorities for decades. But despite that, analytics i