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Timo Elliott is an innovation evangelist and international conference speaker who has presented to business and IT audiences in over forty countries around the world. A 23-year veteran of SAP BusinessObjects, Elliott works closely with SAP development and innovation centers around the world on new technology directions. His popular Business Analytics blog at tracks innovation in analytics and social media, including topics such as big data, collaborative decision-making, and social analytics. Prior to Business Objects, Elliott was a computer consultant in Hong Kong and led analytics projects for Shell in New Zealand. He holds a first-class honors degree in Economics with Statistics from Bristol University, England.


Who’s Afraid Of Cloud Analytics?

30-Oct-2015 | Timo Elliott

I have been talking to organizations about cloud BI and analytics since BusinessObjects first launched “Crystal Reports On-Demand” in 2006, winning praise from well-known cloud advocates: “With

Surviving Digital Transformation? Here’s How To Thrive In It

17-Aug-2015 | Timo Elliott

Many technologists and historians speculate that the next 20 to 40 years could represent the most transformative time in human history. Although time will tell whether this is truly the case, business

digitalist cover

Are You A Digitalist? Here’s Your Magazine

31-Jul-2015 | Timo Elliott

The power and importance of digital transformation is clear. “Digitalists” are the people with the leadership responsibility to guide organizations through this change — and Digitalist Magazi


Three Keys To Winning In A World of Disruption

29-Jul-2015 | Timo Elliott

More CEOs are realizing that outsiders who offer a completely different approach to their business aren’t the only – or even the biggest – threat. These outsiders may be changing the game by dis

Answers To 5 Big Data Trend Questions

23-Jul-2015 | Timo Elliott

I was recently asked some questions by a journalist for Ziff Davis Media for an article on big data trends. Here are my answers: What are the four biggest trends in big data use this year? The ri

finance meeting

Top Technology Trends For Today’s CFOs [VIDEO]

14-Jul-2015 | Timo Elliott

What can today’s CFOs do to build better relationships with the CEO and other business executives? The data points to one big area of new opportunity: invest in the latest technologies. Two week

euro in front of greece flag

Could Data Science Have Saved Greece?

9-Jul-2015 | Timo Elliott

Whatever the right solution is for the current Greek crisis, many observers believe that the problems could have been avoided if Greece had not joined the Euro in the first place. It is no secret t

Top Big Data Challenges Revisited

28-May-2015 | Timo Elliott

We’ve now been wrestling with enterprise big data for a few years. Here’s a summary of our progress so far. There’s still a lot of technology to learn There’s a lot of new technology to mast

The Big Data Playlist!

18-May-2015 | Timo Elliott

  A top ten of Big Data soundtracks, old and new—enjoy! 1. The Police—Too Much Information First and foremost, what defines big data? Well, doh, it’s BIG (although there are are LOTS of

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The Joy (Division) Of Visualization

14-Apr-2015 | Timo Elliott

This morning, I had one of those serendipity moments. As I was waiting at the bus stop to take my daughter to school, I noticed one of the other pupils was wearing a t-shirt with the classic cover