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The Social Age Is The Age Of Participation [VIDEO]

Those who embrace the Participation Age will flourish, and those who don’t will be left behind.
The Two Dumbest Words You Can Say

The Two Dumbest Words You Can Say

Instead of asking others to trust you, show them with your actions, every day and in every setting, that they can.

For Lasting Success, Get Your Hiring Down To A “T”

Want to change your entire company culture – and the profits it generates – for the better in a very short period of time? Emulate Valve.
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The Three Evils Of An Old School Workplace

Old school, Mr. Burns-style practices are being exposed. We can’t get away with this kind of thinking and behaving anymore. We never should have, anyway.
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Leadership Ethics: It Doesn’t Depend

Leadership ethics today save you money tomorrow. But that’s not all. Ethics today makes you more money, every day of the year, for generations.
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What’s Your Be Be Do?

Everyone inside and outside of your company should be able to recite what your company stands for, why you exist, and how you do your thing. Your Be Be Do.
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How To Measure Success $20 At A Time

Instead of the grand gesture, spend a little more time to find organizations that mean more to us as individuals.
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Be The Leader You Wish To Follow

To be trusting, is such a profound signal of your confidence and your personal character that its mastery will put you in a class almost by yourself.
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An Overlooked Lesson From America’s Greatest Leader

What could you, a social age business leader, possibly learn from a man who died more than 200 years ago? Only the most important lesson in leadership.

The Most Important Word In Leadership

There are lots of incredibly important words, but there’s one that trumps these words, these skills, and traits: Trust.