Ted Coine

Hey, Would-be Entrepreneur! Where’s The Fire In Your Belly?

8-Jul-2013 | Ted Coine

True entrepreneurs don’t start companies just because they want to. Nor do they launch their project because they think it’ll be cool, or because they figure, “Hey, let’s give it a shot!” T

Hard Work Is Overrated

3-Jul-2013 | Ted Coine

If you know me at all, you’ll read the title of this post and instantly jump up from your seat. You’ll point your finger at the screen, arm arrow-straight, and shout out at the top of your voice:

Equipping Young Leaders to Change the World [Video]

28-Jun-2013 | Ted Coine

What happens when you take two of the most energetic, passionate people ever and get them talking about equipping young leaders to change the world right now, today? Well, it’s a lot like throwing g

Why Your Company’s Social Media Efforts Are Failing

27-Jun-2013 | Ted Coine

Finally – finally! – most larger companies are at least dabbling in social media. In fact, a trend I’ve noticed over the past year is that many big firms are playing catch up, or trying to. I w

10 Tips From The Business Heretic’s Handbook

21-Jun-2013 | Ted Coine

What, you didn’t know there was a handbook for business heretics? Oh. How awkward that nobody told you. Well, let’s rectify that now, starting with this post. Here are ten tips to help familiarize

Kids Matter. We Can Help. Let’s Do It!

19-Jun-2013 | Ted Coine

Kids Matter! Remember when you were a kid and you thought anything was possible? You know, before all the well-intended grownups in your life taught you to be realistic? Well, we at Switch and Shi

Dear Managers, You’re Screwed. Here’s Why.

30-May-2013 | Ted Coine

Losing the Talent War Dear Enterprise Leader, I’ve got some terrible news for you. Your best talent isn’t good enough to compete. Better talent is at work right across town, in an over-crowded

Why Every Organization Needs Some Misfits

16-May-2013 | Ted Coine

Over the past two months or so, I’ve been playing around a lot on Google Plus – more on that, and on our amazing mentor Elaine Lindsey, in an upcoming post. For now, let’s leave it at this: t

We The Owners

We The Owners

7-May-2013 | Ted Coine

Not long ago, my friend James decided to sell his software company and retire to Naples, FL. That’s nothing new; the event alone certainly doesn’t deserve a unique blog post. Naples is to vacat

The CEO Challenge

The CEO Challenge

3-May-2013 | Ted Coine

We’ve been paying our CEOs like celebrities for about thirty years now. It’s a failed experiment for the same reason that paying real celebrities (movie stars and star athletes) has failed: one