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Tim Clark is the Head of Brand Journalism at SAP. He is responsible for evangelizing and implementing writing best practices that generate results across blog channels, integrated marketing plans and native advertising efforts.

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Self-Driving Slippers And Other Autonomous Oddities That Will Amaze You

16-Feb-2018 | Tim Clark

[no_syndicate_info][/no_syndicate_info] In these heady days of digital disruption, you never know what oddball invention is lurking around the corner. Self-driving slippers? Check. Cat-shaped car

innovation, electric vehicles, automotive technology, standards

As Dyson Crashes The EV Party, Should Tesla Be Worried?

3-Nov-2017 | Tim Clark

How disruptive will the electric vehicle (EV) revolution be? The falling cost of batteries means EVs could become cheaper than gasoline or diesel-powered vehicles by 2025. And because of cheaper batt

Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning Don’t Have To Be Creepy

19-Oct-2017 | Tim Clark

Over the past few years I’ve delved into the topic of customer experience, uncovering how new technologies are empowering businesses to know more about their customers than ever before. While th

artificial intelligence, AI

Does Artificial Intelligence Have A Dirty Little Secret?

18-Aug-2017 | Tim Clark

After reading a recent pair of articles covering the topic of artificial intelligence (AI), I am confused. On one hand, there’s recent PwC findings suggesting AI could drive $15.7 trillion in produ

New Research Finds Customer Experience At The Heart Of Digital Transformation

31-Jul-2017 | Tim Clark

From sea to shining sea, a very stark message is resonating when it comes to competing in today’s digital economy: The customer experience is king. It doesn’t matter what size company, industry,

Waxwork Records Scares Up New Business With Waxwork Comics

13-Jul-2017 | Tim Clark

Living in an era where digital transformation is king, it’s refreshing to see that small businesses are able to survive—and in many cases thrive—by resurrecting and re-inventing products that we

How To Survive The Sci-Fi Future Of Customer Engagement

10-May-2017 | Tim Clark

Movies and television have proved to be uncanny indicators of what’s to come. Innovations that first appeared in 2001: A Space Odyssey and The Minority Report and even Star Trek and The Jetsons are

Want To Act Like A Startup? Join A Heavy Metal Band

20-Apr-2017 | Tim Clark

For those about to rock, get ready to pay your dues. I learned this bit of wisdom very quickly from a recent discussion with John Kevill (pictured, center), lead singer for heavy metal band Warbrin

Facebook And Uber Reveal Secrets Of Digital Disruption

12-Apr-2017 | Tim Clark

We’re all too familiar with how companies like Facebook (they don’t create any content!) and Uber (they don’t own any cars!) have disrupted their respective industries. There’s a good reason t

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Your Customer’s Experience Is Broken: Here’s How To Fix It

27-Mar-2017 | Tim Clark

Let’s face it: There are many fragile – and oftentimes broken – moments in the customer journey. Departmental handoffs and changes in channel, for instance, add complexity and threaten to derail