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How Do You Measure The Success Of Your Mobile BI Project?

10-Jul-2014 | Thierry Audas

Did you know that on average, only 10% of people in organizations use analytics today? This is quite a low amount and frankly, a bit scary that 90% of people are using gut feel—or experience at best


Big Data, Big Rewards: Unlock The Power of Real-Time Analytics

30-Jan-2013 | Thierry Audas

It’s no secret that the amount of data businesses must manage is growing dramatically. Business applications, sensors, consumer devices, and social networks are generating a huge volume of informati

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Driving Down the Cost of Analytics

26-Sep-2012 | Thierry Audas

Analytics solutions have improved significantly over the past few years, giving users across any industry and line of business better insights at critical moments of engagement. Fortunately, analy