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Will Mobile Drive More E-commerce Revenue Than PCs?

The mobile device is changing how consumers shop, as well as how retailers and marketers approach e-commerce, Sybase 365’s Diarmuid Mallon said. Mobile devices, mobile Internet access and mobile payments are all gaining popularity.

Securities Technology Monitor: Credit Suisse Keeps Big Data in Perspective

“Big Data’s value is only the amount of useful information one can derive from it,” said Sybase’s Kutay Kilic. One-size-fits-all solutions will not solve Big Data problems; key pieces must work in harmony with other parts of the...

Managing Data Growth with Enterprise-Class Databases

Trillions of trading, shopping and mobile transactions generate massive data volumes. Sybase’s Amit Satoor describes how businesses can manage Big Data challenges while ensuring security and reliability of critical systems, and reducing storage c...

Mobility In Business Is Now a Necessity

A new age of mobility requires professional mobile business applications for new categories of workers, according to Sybase’s Ian Thain. Companies will need full-time app development to build the in-house mobile apps necessary in the years to come.
Why SaaS and ISVs Clash

Why SaaS and ISVs Clash

ISVs must exercise extraordinary caution when changing tactics as they move applications to the cloud, according to Sybase’s Eric Farrar. Firms must choose the architectures, technologies and suppliers to help maintain flexibility and consummate ...

Some Thoughts on Big Data

At the forefront of Big Data technology is the financial services industry, especially firms engaged in electronic trading, according to Sybase’s Neil McGovern. As other verticals develop Big Data tech, capital markets firms must work to stay in ...
5 Mobile Security Headaches and How to Solve Them

5 Mobile Security Headaches and How to Solve Them

Sybase’s Alison Welch George shares how to keep enterprise environments uncompromised. Criminals increasingly target evermore popular mobile devices, but organizations can install procedures to solve the trickiest security issues.
Mobile Predictions for 2012

Mobile Predictions for 2012

This year will see mobile payment functions gain in popularity, and mobile transactions will become quicker easier, according to Sybase 365’s Andrew Mikesell. He shared his top five predictions for mobile commerce in 2012 here.