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Sven Denecken is Vice President of SAP’s Cloud Solutions and Head of Co-Innovation. In this role, Sven Denecken is responsible for assessing customer and market requirements converting it into execution and representing the OnDemand category in the market. Denecken’s experience working with customers, SAP´s field organization and partners allows him to bring client issues and challenges directly into the software development process, assuring that the next generation software solutions address customer requirements and help customers gain competitive advantage. Closely cooperating with the respective teams, Denecken drives the alignment of SAP’s field organization and ecosystem to the LoB OnDemand strategy and ensures with his team to facilitate and enable sustainable relationships between the SAP OnDemand team and field, industries, partners as well as customers.


The Digitized Core At The Heart Of Reimagined Business

31-Aug-2015 | Sven Denecken

The pace of digital innovation and transformation is increasing. Entire markets, including transportation, logistics and e-commerce, are being disrupted and reinvented everywhere, and each new innovat

Business people working in office

Run Your Business In Real Time

10-Aug-2015 | Sven Denecken

Continuing with our series, we drill deeper into the moves you need to make to simplify your business. You need a solution that enables process optimization coupled with instant access to insight. And

07 Apr 2013, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada --- Group of entrepreneurs working on project in creative office space --- Image by © Hero Images/Hero Images/Corbis

Introducing A Digital Business Platform

6-Aug-2015 | Sven Denecken

As we wrote in our blog, Enable Your Digital Value Chain, the future of business in the digital information age is now. So it's time to think about how we can introduce a digital business platform.

22 Feb 2014 --- Business people meeting in conference room --- Image by © Hero Images/Corbis

Enable Your Digital Value Chain: Run Simple

3-Aug-2015 | Sven Denecken

The future of business in the digital information age is now. A network of networks – across social, business, and devices – is creating revolutionary conditions that can potentially double the cu

Digitize The Core To Manage Digital Transformation

27-Jul-2015 | Sven Denecken

Have you ever thought about the consequences of a digital storefront for your logistics and back-end processing? Did you know that, driven by the "segment of one," customers observe a permanently i

Digital Transformation, Part 1: Rapid State Of Change

26-Sep-2014 | Sven Denecken

Innovation is a game changer. There’s a new sense of urgency. We are in the middle of a digital transformation and businesses need to face it – or get disrupted. One message that we hear repeatedl

Capitalize On Millennials And The New Normal

23-May-2014 | Sven Denecken

There’s no doubt that millennials will change corporate cultures. Their way of looking at their workplace and expected working style will blow a fresh wind throughout organizations. Most people are

Cloud Computing 2020 (Part 1)

21-May-2014 | Sven Denecken

As cloud adoption increases, businesses are eager to learn what the future holds for cloud and how it will impact their operations. To get answers to tough questions, I reached out to R “Ray” Wang

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Are The CIO And Line Of Business Executives After The Same Thing?

16-May-2014 | Sven Denecken

Cloud computing is a catalyst for digital transformation – and required today because business is changing faster than ever before. Digital transformation requires IT and other business areas to ret

Clearing The Clouds Around The Cloud

19-Dec-2013 | Sven Denecken

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last several years, you’ve probably heard about this thing called the cloud. And depending on who you’ve been listening to, you may be convinced th