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Sven Denecken is Senior Vice President, Product Management and Co-Innovation of SAP S/4HANA, at SAP. His experience working with customers and partners for decades and networking with the SAP field organization and industry analysts allows him to bring client issues and challenges directly into the solution development process, ensuring that next-generation software solutions address customer requirements to focus on business outcome and help customers gain competitive advantage. Connect with Sven on Twitter @SDenecken or e-mail at


Why Now Is The Time To Rethink Your Two-Tier ERP Strategy

5-Dec-2016 | Sven Denecken

Multinational companies directly drive the majority of global business operations. Subsidiaries, dedicated lines of business, acquisitions, or divestitures are often run on the headquarters' ERP syste

Digital Transformation In Service-Enhanced Consumer Products

1-Nov-2016 | Sven Denecken

Digital transformation is a well-known concept these days. The increasing connectivity of people, machines, and businesses has changed the demands of the markets. In order to keep up and stay competit

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Effects Of Digital Transformation On Businesses: Helpful Use Cases

24-Oct-2016 | Sven Denecken

Digital transformation is a well-known concept in today’s business environment. The growing connectivity of people, machines, and businesses has changed market demands. In order to keep up and stay

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CFO’s Role In Digital Transformation

20-Oct-2016 | Sven Denecken

We have talked about digital transformation in several previous blog posts. Digital transformation is the use of new technologies to drive significant business improvements. Many industry leaders—fr

Disrupt With Digitization

26-Feb-2016 | Sven Denecken

Innovation requires reimagined processes – and the CIO needs to lead this transformation. Enterprises today must be prepared for the transformation that the digital economy is forcing upon them.

The Digitized Core At The Heart Of Reimagined Business

31-Aug-2015 | Sven Denecken

The pace of digital innovation and transformation is increasing. Entire markets, including transportation, logistics and e-commerce, are being disrupted and reinvented everywhere, and each new innovat

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Run Your Business In Real Time

10-Aug-2015 | Sven Denecken

Continuing with our series, we drill deeper into the moves you need to make to simplify your business. You need a solution that enables process optimization coupled with instant access to insight. And

Introducing A Digital Business Platform

6-Aug-2015 | Sven Denecken

As we wrote in our blog, Enable Your Digital Value Chain, the future of business in the digital information age is now. So it's time to think about how we can introduce a digital business platform.

Enable Your Digital Value Chain: Run Simple

3-Aug-2015 | Sven Denecken

The future of business in the digital information age is now. A network of networks – across social, business, and devices – is creating revolutionary conditions that can potentially double the cu

Digitize The Core To Manage Digital Transformation

27-Jul-2015 | Sven Denecken

Have you ever thought about the consequences of a digital storefront for your logistics and back-end processing? Did you know that, driven by the "segment of one," customers observe a permanently i