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Susan Kuchinskas covers business strategy, technology and culture. She's the author of two books, Going Mobile: Building the Real-Time Enterprise with Mobile Applications that Work, and The Chemistry of Connection: How the Oxytocin Response Can Help You Find Trust, Intimacy and Love. When she isn't scoping out ways to do things better, faster and more engagingly, she digs in her organic garden and watches her bees.

Customer Data And The Holiday Rush: Best Practices For E-Commerce

22-Nov-2013 | Susan Kuchinskas

Did you notice that some retailers started holiday promotions before Halloween? That's because  Thanksgiving comes so late this year, making for a shorter holiday shopping season. Online retailers ha

How “Socially Devoted” Brands Handle Negative Tweets

4-Nov-2013 | Susan Kuchinskas

When Hasan Syed got no satisfaction from British Airways after it lost his luggage, he bought a Twitter ad to complain. He spent around $1,000 to promote his tweet—a paid Twitter ad—saying, "Don't

MCommerce: What Metrics Matter?

30-Oct-2013 | Susan Kuchinskas

There's a common misconception about the app world: Some believe that downloads are the only metric that matters. That's rarely the case. In fact, downloads are usually where the real mobile commerce

How Social Media Analytics Can Discover Hot Halloween Costumes

25-Oct-2013 | Susan Kuchinskas

What's hot for Halloween costumes? Bacon. You don't need social media analytics to know that bacon is all over the zeitgeist and will be all over Halloween revelers' bodies on October 31. But it's eas

Big Data For The Little Guy

7-Oct-2013 | Susan Kuchinskas

Big data is the biggest of business buzzwords, but unlike many buzzwords, it has plenty of substance behind it. The idea is that mining vast repositories of raw data can uncover patterns that lead to

man at a drawing board representing strategic visualization

Test Your Product Concept with Rapid Prototyping

29-Aug-2013 | Susan Kuchinskas

Do you have a product concept or invention in mind? Using a rapid-prototyping approach, you can construct a demo in your kitchen or garage and test it with consumers. Honestly. It doesn't need to cost

Co-CEOs work together

New Leadership: Are Two CEOs Better Than One?

29-Aug-2013 | Susan Kuchinskas

Does every company need a Steve Jobs — someone who will mold the organization to his or her unique vision? Even in less iconic organizations than Apple, it's assumed that the CEO should be the boss.

How To Create A Culture Of Innovation

23-Jul-2013 | Susan Kuchinskas

Creating a Culture of Innovation "The nagging will stop when innovation increases." That's not your innovation strategy, is it? It's clear you can't bully or cajole employees into coming up with crea

Where Does Your Data Actually Go? How Social Media Uses Analytics To Better Target Ads

16-Jul-2013 | Susan Kuchinskas

How Social Media Uses Analytics The first time it happens it seems spooky: You browse an e-commerce site but don't buy anything; the next time you log onto Facebook, there's an ad for that pair of sh

Retail in the Cloud: Why Small Businesses Should Take Advantage of the Cloud

6-May-2013 | Susan Kuchinskas

Retail in the Cloud Taylor Stitch was born in a San Francisco apartment in 2008, when three friends decided to update the venerable bespoke shirt trade. The idea was to provide the quality of individu