Susan Galer

The Role Of AI In Financial Trading – It’s Not What You Think

26-Jun-2017 | Susan Galer

The financial industry has been all over artificial intelligence (AI) supporting front-end trading processes, leaving much of the rest of the business in the last century. That won’t be true for muc

Big Ideas For Banking That Helps More Than The Privileged Few

19-Jun-2017 | Susan Galer

People using the latest technologies are often well-off, younger, urban, and tech-savvy – or none of the above. This was the disruptive reality that 20 students from the London School of Economics i

To Be A Great Leader, Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

9-Jun-2017 | Susan Galer

There’s plenty of talk about gender equality in the workplace, but the Women’s Forum at the recent SAP Ariba Live event in Las Vegas provided practical ways for people to act. Among the highest

Risk Being Yourself, And Other Leadership Tips For Women

2-Jun-2017 | Susan Galer

Organizations are embracing diversity because leaders understand there’s power in reflecting the community in which they operate, and diverse points of view are differentiating. “We’re selling p

CEOs Have To Stop Using Smart Machines To Get Rid Of Workers

17-May-2017 | Susan Galer

In a digital world of exponential, non-linear change where seemingly impossible stuff ─ 3D printing, machines that learn, self-driving cars ─ is now happening with incredible speed, even the smart

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The Only Way To Beat Unconscious Biases In The Workplace

9-May-2017 | Susan Galer

It’s been almost a year since I first wrote about a unique Customer Advisory Group that’s addressing gender equity in the workplace, and world events are conspiring to keep this topic at the foref

Artificial Intelligence Moves Into Every Workplace: How HR Needs To Respond

4-May-2017 | Susan Galer

Chatbots, robots, virtual assistants, and other devices powered by business algorithms are rapidly joining the ranks of workers in every industry and profession. But instead of fearing artificial i

Blockchain Brings Trust To Supply Chains In Every Industry

3-May-2017 | Susan Galer

The emergence of blockchain technology couldn’t be more fortuitous for the 130-year old diamond industry, much of which is still powered by scraps of paper, a gentlemen’s handshake, and the promis

Blockchain Will Radically Disrupt Your Supply Chain: 4 Steps To Take Now

1-May-2017 | Susan Galer

Blockchain epitomizes network-centric business, and procurement departments must take the lead exploring its possibilities for supply chain disruption. This was the gist of a discussion I heard during

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Legal Tech Disrupts The Industry: How In-House Lawyers Can Fight Back

27-Apr-2017 | Susan Galer

Faster, better, cheaper are the new imperatives for in-house legal teams as corporate budgets shrink and advanced technologies break new ground. Instead of spending hideously expensive hours fine-tuni