Susan Galer

IDC 2018 Predictions: If You’re Not In The Cloud, You’re Isolated From Innovation

17-Nov-2017 | Susan Galer

IDC Research just released its top ten 2018 predictions, outlining why every company must operate like a digital-native enterprise. Frank Gens, IDC senior vice president and chief analyst, shared an e

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Blockchain To The Rescue: We Can Be Much Better At Weathering Natural Disasters

7-Nov-2017 | Susan Galer

As a massive hurricane devastates a city, first responders immediately bring life-saving medical attention, food, water, fuel, and other resources to victims in real-time, hiring suppliers with the be

customer service, AI

Whatever The Question, AI Is The Answer Because Nobody Likes Calling Customer Service

3-Nov-2017 | Susan Galer

“Give us your superstar customer service representative, and we’ll provide an AI application that replicates their behavior, reducing problem resolution time from 10 minutes to one.” This is wha

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Changing Blockchain Talk To Action: Two Steps The Financial Industry Can Take

26-Oct-2017 | Susan Galer

Blockchain is anything but business as usual for the financial industry. Decision makers at traditional banks and other financial service providers, along with every organization in their orbit, are w

blockchain, technology, strategy, innovation

The Future Of Business With Blockchain Won’t Look Anything Like Yesterday Or Today

23-Oct-2017 | Susan Galer

Staring down the last couple of months of the year seems as good a time as any to take stock of where blockchain technology stands right now, and how the market might unfold in 2018. The first is part

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What To Do With All Of The IoT Sensor Data Your Business Is Collecting

17-Oct-2017 | Susan Galer

From life-saving supplies to take-out pizza, IoT-powered services can deliver incredible monitoring capabilities to businesses and their customers, tracking products in transit, as well as driver be


To Resist Blockchain’s Allure, Steer Clear Of The Hype

10-Oct-2017 | Susan Galer

Let’s face it, things don’t always work out as expected. Take the Internet, which was originally held up as a shining beacon of enlightenment fostering an open exchange of ideas. Research today fi

Trail-Blazing Startup Uses Profits To Make The World A Better Place

29-Sep-2017 | Susan Galer

When Mitchell Ross co-founded Muru Office Supplies, he couldn’t think of a more fitting name for his Australian-based office supply startup. That’s because Muru means “pathway” in the coastal

Blockchain’s Value Underestimated, Despite The Hype

28-Sep-2017 | Susan Galer

Just when I thought blockchain hype was hitting the over-saturation mark, I had a conversation with Joe Fox, senior vice president of Business Development and Strategy at SAP Ariba. My take now is

Blockchain As A Miracle Cure For The $78 Billion Opioid Crisis

21-Sep-2017 | Susan Galer

Blockchain technology is relentlessly hawked as the cure-all for everything that ails business and society. Pushing the hype aside for just one moment, the super-secure, distributed ledger could well