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AESO Saves $6M By Making HR A Strategic Business Imperative

25-Nov-2015 | Susan Galer

Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO) is a small organization with a large mandate: keeping the lights on across Alberta, Canada. AESO provides access to the province’s electricity grid, which


Why Are We Afraid To Measure The Value Of Employees?

25-Nov-2015 | Susan Galer

While human resources (HR) has shed its traditional administrative process-centric identity, fear of numbers keeps many professionals away from that coveted seat at the boardroom table. Some claim the

IDC Releases Top Ten 2016 IT Market Predictions

13-Nov-2015 | Susan Galer

Cloud is the preferred foundation for business applications, scale is the new critical ingredient for business success, and managing hybrid, multi-vendor environments needs to take center stage.


Digital Humanism Comes Of Age: Can Marketers Tame The Social Wild West?

9-Nov-2015 | Susan Galer

Digital humanism might sound like an oxymoron, but the prevailing wisdom is that a company is only as strong as the people in its surrounding communities. It makes perfect sense in a hyper-connected w


5 Ways To Motivate High-Performers

30-Oct-2015 | Susan Galer

As companies increasingly break free from the perceived tyranny of traditional yearly employee performance ratings, one of the biggest challenges is figuring how to pay people for their accomplishment

28 Mar 2013, West New York, New Jersey, USA --- Teacher and students using digital tablet --- Image by © KidStock/Blend Images/Corbis

Employee Training: HR Learns From Elementary School Educators

21-Oct-2015 | Susan Galer

At first glance, learning models for employees in the workplace compared to children in elementary school may seem very different. Not so, says Dmitri Krakovsky, senior vice president of global produc

Top 3 Workforce Risks In Financial Services

14-Oct-2015 | Susan Galer

Some economies may be rebounding, but a study from Oxford Economics entitled Workforce 2020 shows companies across the financial services industry don’t necessarily understand the importance or imp

Do Women Lead Differently?

8-Oct-2015 | Susan Galer

Opinions on why there’s a dearth of women leaders in business are all over the map, but the facts are indisputable. According to the research firm Catalyst, just 4.6 percent of Standard and Poor 500

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7 Criteria To Compare Cloud-Based HCM Vendors [VIDEO]

1-Oct-2015 | Susan Galer

Ask any third-party expert which cloud-based Human Capital Management (HCM) software to buy, and the typical response is “it depends.” That may be true, but human resources (HR) is undergoing the

Oktoberfest In The Digital Era: Can You Get Too Far Ahead Of Customers?

25-Sep-2015 | Susan Galer

As Oktoberfest revels kick off in places near and far from the celebration’s origins in Germany, I started thinking about how modern supply chains have evolved to match the rites of every season, in