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Why Music Plays A Big Role When It Comes To Branding

12-Feb-2014 | Steve Olenski

I know, far it be for me to write an article which brings together music and branding. I kid of course for by now you surely know of my love affair with the concept of marrying and meshing the world

Why Advertisers Shouldn’t Use Celebrities In Their Social Media

7-Feb-2014 | Steve Olenski

Celebrity advertising has long been a mainstay of the marketing industry. People instinctually trust those they feel they know, and with the rise of mass media, television, and the internet in the 20t

Major Retailer Uses Marketing Orchestration To Reach Consumers

7-Feb-2014 | Steve Olenski

Yesterday was the Super Bowl post mortem. The day after. The day when we all share our collective thoughts on the game – if you even want to call it that, and of course the barrage of TV commercia

Are Super Bowl Commercials Worth The Cost For A Brand?

2-Feb-2014 | Steve Olenski

I could literally just write that title then leave the rest of this article blank and let everyone chime in and fend for themselves as to where they fall in this debate. This epic debate, which it has

number 9

The Nine-Letter Word Every Marketer Needs To Remember At All Times

27-Jan-2014 | Steve Olenski

On December 16th of last year, I posted a collection of predictions for the coming year from and for the marketing and advertising world. The fearless forecasters I gathered together shared thei

Top Emerging SEO Tools To Use In 2014

21-Jan-2014 | Steve Olenski

Whether you’re just getting started with SEO or have been at it a while, online SEO tools are always going to be helpful. Unfortunately, keeping up with all of the new SEO tools and new upgrades can

Godfather novel cover

Why Marketers And Advertisers Should Not Listen To The Godfather [INFOGRAPHIC]

17-Jan-2014 | Steve Olenski

Far be it for me to question The Don. I mean who am I to dare challenge Vito Corleone? And who I am to infuse pop culture into a given marketing and advertising topic? Well of course you know by

Is This The Future Of Mobile Marketing And Mobile Advertising?

14-Jan-2014 | Steve Olenski

Being the pop culture savant I am – as witnessed by my recent article 2014 Marketing Predictions With A Twist (click on the link, you’ll see what I mean) – when I first heard the term “deep

Springsteen album cover

My New Year’s Resolution For All B2B Marketers

1-Jan-2014 | Steve Olenski

A few weeks ago I wrote an article entitled 2014 Marketing Predictions With A Twist. It was my offbeat attempt at combining a staple of this time of the year - marketing forecasts, with pop culture

example of mobile technology

How Lowe’s, Zappos, And IKEA Use Technology To Provide Value

16-Dec-2013 | Steve Olenski

The evolution of technology within the retail and e-commerce space is shaping how consumers behave and interact with brands and savvy, smart retailers know that understanding shoppers’ behavior is k