Steve Hamrick

Why Online Communities Should Connect To Commerce

13-Feb-2017 | Steve Hamrick

As digitization continues to gain momentum, consumers have become more and more comfortable researching and buying goods online. By 2020, an estimated 30% of all purchases will be influenced through

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The #1 Reason To Be Grateful For Customer Communities

17-Nov-2016 | Steve Hamrick

While November is traditionally viewed as a time to give thanks, expressing gratitude is an act that should take place year-round. One technology that businesses should be particularly grateful for

Customer Communities 101: A Beginner’s Guide For Marketers

25-Oct-2016 | Steve Hamrick

The Internet is a depthless pool of information. People can find virtually anything they want online, from the number of possible configurations to solve a Rubik’s Cube (43,252,003,274,489,856,000)

Social Collaboration: A Secure, Cost-Efficient Path To Digital Transformation

21-Sep-2016 | Steve Hamrick

Every CIO’s worst nightmare is waking up to headline news broadcasting their company’s critical business data was lost or stolen. Unfortunately, CIOs are a no-win situation. Business units are dem

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The Power Of Social Collaboration: 3 Business Benefits

17-Aug-2016 | Steve Hamrick

Collaboration lies at the heart of every great team. Making sure your employees are effectively working together in person can be difficult enough, but add multiple offices around the globe, an ever-e

Rethinking The Value Of Customer Service – From Post- To Pre-Purchase

12-Aug-2016 | Steve Hamrick

There’s a strong misconception about customer service. Nearly 50% of buyers consider it a post-purchase troubleshooting tool, according to recent Forrester Consulting research. So for years, compani