David Stephenson

Disney MagicBands: As Important Symbolically For IoT As Substantively

4-Dec-2014 | David Stephenson

I have no objective evidence for this, but I suspect that many C-level executives first learned about e-commerce when they placed personal orders during the Christmas season of 1995. Thus, Amazon dese

Perhaps Most Important Internet Of Things Essential Truth: Everything’s Linked

18-Nov-2014 | David Stephenson

Proceed with caution! You see, I’m thinking out loud (that accounts for that sound of gears grinding….) — I really am writing this post as I mull over the subject for the first time, so you

Global Warming: The IoT Can Help Fill Some Of The Gap Due To Government Inaction

14-Nov-2014 | David Stephenson

I won’t dwell on politics here, but  97% of scientists agree that global warming is real, and, according to the latest United National report this month, it is worse than ever (according to the

Egburt: A Tool That Can Make IoT Pay Off Now

7-Nov-2014 | David Stephenson

As I’ve remarked before, writing the Managing the Internet of Things Revolution e-guide to IoT strategy for SAP was an eye-opener for me, shifting my attention from the eye-popping opportunities fo

Smart Appliances: Do We Really Need Them?

4-Nov-2014 | David Stephenson

When I buy the much-hyped smart refrigerator, you’ll know I’ve officially gone around the bend, and have officially surrendered to IoT hype: it makes sense for those who buy a ton of processed foo

Thermostats: Another Example Why Open Standards Win With #IoT

30-Oct-2014 | David Stephenson

Despite my passion for all things Apple and the incredible functionality that comes from Tim Cook’s passion for integrating all parts of the ecosystem seamlessly (and, as I’ve noted in prior discl

data science

GE And Accenture Provide Detailed IoT Strategy And Deployment

17-Oct-2014 | David Stephenson

I’ll admit it: until I began writing the Managing the Internet of Things Revolution guide to Internet of Things strategy for SAP, I was preoccupied with the IoT’s gee-wiz potential for radical tra

IoT Ideal Example Of “Recombinant Innovation”!

26-Sep-2014 | David Stephenson

I’m currently reading Erik Brynjolfsson (say that one fast three times…) and Andy McAfee’s brilliant The Second Machine Age, which I highly recommend as an overview of the opportunities and pitf

Another Compelling Reason For Precision Manufacturing: Saving The Planet

17-Sep-2014 | David Stephenson

In the space of an hour today I heard a horrifying show on On Point about how the planet is going to hell in a handbasket, then had a very inspiring lunch with Michael Woody of American Dragon, which

collective blindness

Why It’s So Hard To Predict Internet Of Things’ Full Impact: “Collective Blindness”

16-Sep-2014 | David Stephenson

I’ve been trying to come up with a layman’s analogy to use in explaining to skeptical executives about how dramatic the Internet of Things’ impact will be on every aspect of business and our