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Stephanie Reshel

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Stephanie Reshel is senior director for Strategic Ecosystem Marketing at SAP. She drives joint marketing strategies globally with the top strategic services partners. Follow her on @SReshel.

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Technology Changes Everything: Digital Trends Shaping The Industrial Sector

23-May-2017 | Stephanie Reshel

Digital technology is infiltrating almost every industry, and it’s no exception for the industrial machinery and components (IM&C) sector. Digitalization and cross-industry ecosystems are creati

The Digital Disconnect Facing CIOs

3-May-2017 | Stephanie Reshel

Industry convergence is one of the most significant trends transforming business in today’s digital economy. Companies in formerly distinct sectors are quickly merging, partnering, and collaborating

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Rewriting The Rules Of Retail

8-Mar-2017 | Stephanie Reshel

Transforming conventional retail business processes in the digital age is tricky. It doesn’t always work, because traditional methods are often siloed and slower, while today’s digital customers e

Survey: Most CFOs Unprepared To Meet New Lease Accounting Standards

13-Feb-2017 | Stephanie Reshel

New lease accounting standards issued by FASB and IASB are about to shine a bright light on your leasing practices. But rounding up the data needed to complete the soon-to-be mandated reporting on you

Service Transformation Drives Competitiveness In Manufacturing

6-Feb-2017 | Stephanie Reshel

Innovation is the cornerstone of every manufacturer’s business. Constantly inventing and refining products is essential to stay ahead of the competition. But increasingly, offering great products is

The Seven Secrets Of Finance Analytics Success

9-Jan-2017 | Stephanie Reshel

Finance analytics are well established, with nine out of ten organizations having implemented analytics solutions to support their financial processes in the last five years. And why wouldn’t they b

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2017 May Be The Year Of Commercial Blockchain Solutions In Financial Markets

22-Dec-2016 | Stephanie Reshel

An ambitious group of trailblazers is leading the adoption of blockchain solutions in financial markets, and the firms involved are moving ahead at a much faster rate than anticipated. Those are key f

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The CMO’s Perspective on Digital Disruption

14-Jul-2016 | Stephanie Reshel

The digital era is fundamentally changing the way companies operate and market to their customers. Significant change is increasingly necessary as previously entrenched industry barriers collapse, and

How To Win The Talent Competition In Today’s Digital Era

6-Jul-2016 | Stephanie Reshel

The constantly changing digital landscape is forcing HR departments to rethink the way they operate. Previously tried and true recruitment or retention methods are suddenly becoming obsolete, and it

What’s Driving Real-Time Business?

11-May-2016 | Stephanie Reshel

The potential of real-time business is raising expectations across the business landscape – in B2B and B2C businesses – with consumers, suppliers, distributors, employees, and everyone throughout