Stephanie Overby

Creators: Social Robotics Pioneer Cynthia Breazeal Builds Your BFF

15-Nov-2017 | Stephanie Overby

Founder and chief scientist Cynthia Breazeal has been a pioneer in the field of social robotics. Cynthia Breazeal is a pioneer in the field of social robotics—machines capable of recognizing and si

Thinkers: Author Bob Johansen on Leading in Chaotic Times

15-Nov-2017 | Stephanie Overby

To get an idea of just how volatile and chaotic the future business environment could become, look no further than the toll from Hurricane Harvey, which lashed the Texas coast for four days in August.

Creators: Triggr Health Taps Machine Learning to Prevent Substance Abuse

11-Sep-2017 | Stephanie Overby

CEO John Haskell was inspired to use machine learning to replicate human intuition. John Haskell remembers that he took “more years than most” to get his undergraduate degree from Stanford Univer

Ride Sharing Goes Hyperlocal with Jugnoo

10-May-2017 | Stephanie Overby

CEO Samar Singla launched two successful startups before co-founding Jugnoo. Serial entrepreneur Samar Singla was about to begin his PhD in applied physics at Stanford University when he deliberate

Big Data: Better Than Big Muscles at Kinduct

16-Jan-2017 | Stephanie Overby

Travis McDonough has always been looking for a competitive edge. As an amateur athlete “on the small side,” he sought other ways—exercise, nutrition, strategy—to get ahead. Today McDonough is

Entrepreneur Melanie Mohr: Transform Shopping With Video Stories

14-Nov-2016 | Stephanie Overby

YEAY CEO Melanie Mohr aims to transform shopping Entrepreneur Melanie Mohr thinks mobile video is the best way to reach the youngest generation of independent consumers. But the veteran video produce

big data analysis on U.S. elections

U.S. Elections And Politics: Four Questions For The Data Miners

15-Sep-2016 | Stephanie Overby

Data analysis has been part of political campaigns for more than a century. As early as 1891, the chairman of the Republican National Committee spent two years painstakingly creating a file featuring

Your AI Entourage

6-Sep-2016 | Stephanie Overby

Rand Hindi, Snips CEO and co-founder, wants to change how people interact with digital devices Ever think your smartphone is vibrating or ringing when it isn’t? It’s such a common phenomenon th

Luis Iván Cuende: Bitcoin Blockchain Entrepreneur

16-May-2016 | Stephanie Overby

Luis Iván Cuende must have been born an entrepreneur. Having no access to capital, equipment, or collaborators in his native Oviedo, Spain, he gravitated toward the first thing he could get his th

What the Top Restaurant in US Can Teach About the Digital Economy

2-Mar-2016 | Stephanie Overby

Celebrity chef Grant Achatz and business partner Nick Kokonas have been shaking up the fine-dining scene in Chicago since launching Alinea in 2005. There, they combined art and science to molecularly