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Dr. Stefan Guertzgen is the Global Director of Industry Solution Marketing for Chemicals at SAP. He is responsible for driving Industry Thought Leadership, Positioning & Messaging and strategic Portfolio Decisions for Chemicals.

Major Trends For The Chemical Industry In 2018

18-Dec-2017 | Stefan Guertzgen

As we approach the end of the year, it is time to look into next year’s trends and drivers for the chemical industry. Here are three major trends that will drive the chemical industry in 2018:

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The Future Of Sales And Marketing In The Chemical Industry

7-Nov-2017 | Stefan Guertzgen

The chemical industry is at a crossroads. Faced with market unpredictability, increased regulations, and products that are quickly moving toward commoditization, it is becoming increasingly difficult

How 3D Printing Benefits From Chemical Industry Innovation

7-Sep-2017 | Stefan Guertzgen

While many people consider 3D printing a recent technology, it has actually been around for more than 30 years. Early predictions indicated 3D printers would be in every home by now, but widespread


Military Applications For The Emerging Technology Of 3D Printing

9-Aug-2017 | Stefan Guertzgen

First called additive manufacturing, 3D printing refers to the technology and processes that transform digital files into physical objects. The digital file might be created by scanning an existing ob

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Mergers And Acquisitions In Chemicals: A Proven Vehicle For Growth

8-Aug-2017 | Stefan Guertzgen

Companies in nearly every industry rely on chemicals to produce goods and services. Despite this ongoing need, many chemical manufacturers struggle to achieve or retain stability, profitability, and m

How 3D Printing Could Transform The Chemical Industry

27-Mar-2017 | Stefan Guertzgen

The history of 3D printing started 30 years ago with Chuck Hull, the Thomas Edison of the 3D printing industry, who introduced the first 3D printer. Since then, 3D printing (also known as additive ma

Drones: Poised For Takeoff In The Digital Economy

9-Mar-2017 | Stefan Guertzgen

Drones have captured the popular imagination, making a splash on social media, in the popular press, and even on hit television shows. But drones can do a lot more than entertain. They are actually a

Cybersecurity: It’s More Than Just Technology

15-Feb-2017 | Stefan Guertzgen

Last week I visited the ARC Forum in Orlando, and cybersecurity was one of the most prominent topics throughout the whole event. Here are some key lessons I learned: There are different categories

How 3D Printing Will Energize The Chemical Industry – Part 2: Commercial Implications And The Future

25-Jan-2017 | Stefan Guertzgen

In Part 1 of this blog, I discussed key opportunity areas for 3D printing in the chemical industry. Let’s now take a look at commercial implications and the future ahead. Commercial benefits 3D

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How 3D Printing Will Energize The Chemical Industry – Part 1: Key Opportunity Areas

4-Jan-2017 | Stefan Guertzgen

It's been nearly 30 years since Chuck Hull, the “Thomas Edison” of the 3D printing industry, introduced the first 3D printer. Since that time, 3D printing, otherwise known as additive manufacturin