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Stacy Ries is the Global Media Relations for Consumer Industries at SAP. Her specialties include social media, media relations, demand generation, media relations and marekting.

From Roman Ruins To IoT

21-Nov-2016 | Stacy Ries

As a college student, I was fortunate to study abroad in Rome. It is an awe-inspiring city with layers of history, from the Roman ruins to the recently renovated Trevi Fountain. As in many cities

What Big Brands Can Learn From Lady Gaga

24-Feb-2016 | Stacy Ries

I confess – I have been converted to a Lady Gaga fan. And no, it was not the platform patriotic shoes or red dagger nails from her Superbowl performance that won me over. She won me over with her bu

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3 Holiday Shopping Trends Retailers Should Ring Up In 2016

15-Dec-2015 | Stacy Ries

As retailers weather the holiday shopping season, they can learn a lot about consumer buying behavior to prepare for next year’s holiday season. NRF president and CEO Matthew Shay noted, “Unlike t

Burberry And Ulta Beauty Redefine Shopping Experience With Innovative Mobile Apps

19-Jan-2015 | Stacy Ries

Angela Ahrendts, the Apple executive and former Burberry CEO, is known for using technology to break down the silos between on-line and brick-and-mortar sales. This is a challenge facing many Retailer

Ferragamo: How The Luxury Brand Grows Its Global Fanbase

30-Dec-2014 | Stacy Ries

What do Audrey Hepburn and Angelina Jolie have in common? Like millions of women, a love of Italian shoes. Learn how Ferragamo and other retailers keep their customers coming back. Luxury brands ha

Serving The Customer Of One: Adidas’ Quest To Run Simple

11-Dec-2014 | Stacy Ries

As a tween in the Midwest during the early 80s, I was a huge fan of John Hughes movies. Characters like Molly Ringwald, Judd Nelson, and the rest of The Breakfast Club crew were fascinating to me.

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3 Key Takeaways For Retailers From Back to School

4-Sep-2014 | Stacy Ries

Like most parents I know, I avoided back-to-school shopping as long as possible. School supplies and fall clothes were the last things on my mind during camp sessions and family vacations.  As August

4 Key Trends in Grocery Shopping Preferences [New Data]

12-Jun-2014 | Stacy Ries

With the recent Nielsen study stating that “As of Q1 2014, for the first time, a majority of Americans of all age groups own smartphones,” there is a clear opportunity for Grocery stores to engage

Rethinking The Retail Supply Chain: We’re At A Critical Reset Moment

8-Apr-2014 | Stacy Ries

Ever since Wal-Mart revolutionized the supply chain, and Amazon brought it into the digital world, retailers have been trying to figure out how to keep up with the rise of technology in retail. As con

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3 Ways To Inject Customer Centricity Into Your Retail BI Strategy

11-Mar-2014 | Stacy Ries

Retailers can’t build consistent and relevant consumer experiences from gut feelings and intuition. In the digital age, analytics initiatives are necessary to unlock rich insights to understand cons