Adele Halsall

About Adele Halsall

Adele Halsall is a writer and researcher for Customer Service Guru. She is passionate about retail and consumer trends, and how this is shaped and governed by advertising and social marketing.
She is particularly experienced in marketing and customer engagement, and enjoys contributing to ongoing debates related to best business practices, start-up culture, and the culture of customer relations.

The Value Of Internal Customer Service

10-Nov-2014 | Adele Halsall

Every company has customers, whether these are high street consumers or other businesses. And it’s the same for the people inside your company. ALL employees have customers, regardless of whether th

Are Banks Discriminating Against Their Customers?

22-Sep-2014 | Adele Halsall

Some of you may have already heard about the number of high street banks making cuts to their high street branch networks. HSBC is the most recent of these, announcing plans to axe 19 more branches be

The Importance Of Product Knowledge: How Well Do You Know Your Products?

30-Apr-2014 | Adele Halsall

We all know that customers aren’t just influenced by products and services when choosing who to give their business to – it is the customer experience that comes with buying them that has a bigger

How Your Business Can Make Customers Feel At Home

21-Mar-2014 | Adele Halsall

Global entrepreneur Richard Branson made an interesting and beautiful point when he quipped on Twitter that he treats his ‘home like a business’ and his ‘business like a home’. The latter part